How To: Avoid Bad Hair Days This Winter

Nothing kills a good mood quicker than a bad hair day.
You know the ones, right? When no matter what you do, your wild mop seems to take on a mischievous life of its own, purposely sitting the wrong way and refusing to stay in place despite the bottle of supposed freeze-hold hairspray you wasted on it.

And the worst thing is, as winter weather kicks up a gear, bad hair days are becoming more frequent and even more soul-destroying.

It’s as if Mother Nature is determined to get you – not only has she given you hair that frizzes up at the slightest hint of moisture, she’s also patiently waiting to hit you with a sudden downpour of rain every time you step out your front door. The good news is, there are plenty of tactics for outmanoeuvring the elements and making sure you have more good hair days than bad ones.

Here are just a few that’ll help see you through the next couple of months.

Pick the right hairstyle
First things first, you need to pick the right hairstyle. Looks that require a polished finish – like a preened, sleek bob or poker-straight do – will instantly scream bad hair day at the first sign of disturbance.

Instead, go for a style that’s supposed to be tousled and messy, then when the wind sets it off course you can act as though all the damage was done on purpose.

Curls or waves are perfect for this since they work best when they aren’t too refined, and you can find plenty of free online tutorials in how to get corkscrew curls or bouncy waves.

Wash it properly
You may have trained yourself into enduring the dreaded task of washing your unruly mop every morning, but you could be stripping it of essential oils and causing irreversible damage by following such a strict routine.

Some types of hair need washed less frequently than others, some more – understanding your own type is key to figuring out how often it can handle a shampoo and condition without becoming overly dry or overly greasy.

Ask your hairdresser for advice and follow their recommended regime – whether they tell you to do it once a day, once every two to three days or even just once a week – for healthy, happy tresses.

Keep it healthy
Barely a day goes by without yet another Kardashian plugging some form of miracle hair growth pill on Instagram – don’t be fooled by the exaggerated promises of such products.

The real trick for long, flowing, picture-perfect hair is to ensure it’s getting all the nutrients it needs – like biotin, vitamin A or vitamin E – to stay strong.

You can take extra supplements to achieve the right balance of nutrients but you should try to get as much as possible from natural sources – change your diet to include more protein and natural vitamin-rich vegetables.

We all experience a mood-killing bad hair day every now and then, but by following our styling tips and advice they’ll be much easier to manage.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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