Christmas Business Venue

Christmas 2016 – Booking the Right Business Venue

When organising a Christmas party, it can be a stressful and time consuming business, particularly if you’re not normally used to organising events like this and the task has been thrust upon you unceremoniously. Whether you’ve planned five parties or five hundred parties, the type of event is largely dependent on the company you keep and the venue you choose for it.

In order to get a head start on planning for next year’s company Christmas party, it is important to look into your specific requirements for a venue and narrow it down from there.

Size of the Venue
Depending on the size of your business or company, and whether or not +1’s are invited, you may want to have a look at the size of your planned venue and whether or not it has the facilities for your party. For smaller businesses, work Christmas parties can be a rather private affair, however bringing family members along is always a sure-fire way to increase numbers and things can get out of hand quickly. By making sure that your venue can easily accommodate your party, you can avoid overcrowding.

Many venues will require you to provide an estimate of attending numbers so that they can plan accordingly, so it is important that you are aware of the amount of people attending the party. While 2015 might seem like an early time to be booking a Christmas party for next year, in a large company it can make all the difference. People can always cancel, you just don’t want to end up with more guests than you had planned for.

Christmas Business Venue

Will you need a private booking or can a restaurant reservation be arranged?
Will you need to hire out the entire venue or is it a smaller party? Are you planning on keeping to one booked room or do your guests plan on roaming around? Depending on the style and theme of your planned party, there are specialist venues that give you free reign over the grounds, compared to other venues where you are permitted to use your booked room only. Browse around to check the venue’s flexibility before deciding on a booking.

Special and Dietary Requirements for Attendees
As the event organiser, the happiness and comfort of your guests are important. When you are catering to the dietary needs of your attendees, it is important to know their dietary requirements and pass these on to the venue so that they can adjust any menus accordingly. By including a small slip in with your RSVP invitations, you can make sure that all guests fill out a form that states whether or not they have any special dietary requirements.

The venue cannot take responsibility for serving a certain type of food if the guests or the one making the booking has not explicitly stated that a guest is allergic or otherwise averse to the use of certain ingredients. Therefore it is up to you to make sure that you provide the venue with all the relevant information pertaining to the requirements of your guests in order to avoid an incident.

Christmas Business Venue

Is it nearby? Will you need to provide travel or accommodation?
Not everyone will live nearby and many people commute for up to an hour a day to get to their place of work, so particularly for larger companies, it may be important that there is nearby accommodation available. For some guests, a taxi or coach service is greatly appreciated and will reflect well on you as an organiser if it has been well arranged before the event.

A quick Google or fifteen minutes worth of research will be able to tell you the available accommodation in the area, as some venues will only provide accommodation for bridal parties and then only for the married couple. It makes sense to be prepared for anything when organising a Christmas party, as some attendees may drink too much or may have too far to travel and need a place in which they can rest their head, if only for the night.

By taking all these aspects into account when looking at the right Christmas venue to book, you will find it a lot easier to narrow down your selections when preparing for next year’s Christmas party. While some may say that it is a little early to start planning a party now, you can never really be too early when making a booking, particularly for some of the more popular venues. The early bird gets the worm as they say, or in this case, the booking.


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