Gender Revel 20 week scan

20 Week Scan & Gender Reveal – Baby Number 2

Pregnancy Update and Gender Reveal!!
Our 20 week scan was awesome and we took Hayden along with us so he could have a first glance at his baby sister or brother. We got there in perfect timing and was called into the same room we had for our 12 week scan
The sonographer went through everything with us and told us everything looked perfect which we were over the mood to hear.

Unfortunately the sonographer wasn’t as enthusiastic as we were or the lovely man we had for our 12 week scan but we still made the most of it especially for Hayden’s sake. He was so excited to say the least and couldn’t wait for ‘his baby’ to come. He’s even more excited now that he know what the gender is and already planning for the next one.

Here’s some photos of our little cub!

Gender Revel 20 week scan

Without further ad0, here is our announcement:
Hayden is having a little…

Gender Revel 20 week scan

We are so happy and thankful that we’re getting to add another little boy into our family.

Hayden can’t wait for ‘his baby’ to come and watching YouTube on his iPad with him – Just trying to get him to understand that its going to be a while before that can happen.
If you missed our announcement you can see that pregnancy announce post here and keep an eye out for my second trimester post. I haven’t posted weekly like I thought I would have because I’ve been so fortunate to have such a good pregnancy with this little cub and it would have been boring in all honesty.
I’m enjoying these updates more and they are just as informative I feel – But if you have any questions do give me a shout and I will be more than happy to answer as best I can.

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