12 Week Scan with Baby Number 2

Hey Guys,
I’m back with another pregnancy update, this one our 12 Week Scan with baby number 2. With my first pregnancy with Hayden I jumped on YouTube at 21 weeks Pregnant  Watch the video and let you guys know weekly what was going on but this time round I thought I’d be a lot less invasive and keep things to a minimal with a few pregnancy posts here and there.
I’ve actually been told off with how little I’ve posted about the pregnant and bump shots so I’m trying my best to keep you guys updated now on here and on My Instagram.


My 12 week scan took place in August and everything went really well. We had the nicest of Sonographers and he really went through everything with us. It was so different from our first scan with Hayden.
From the Sonographer checking everything, our change over date moved from Wednesday to Sunday which pushed me 1 week ahead.

12 Week Scan Pregnancy Announcement

I am having ridiculous dreams really vivid – My imagination tends to run wild on a good day so while I’m sleeping it can go a tad bit crazy. It especially doesn’t help then you watching a horror movie and end up reliving the same movie in your sleep TWICE.

Apart from the dreams everything else is going perfect. Still no morning sickness *touch wood* and I’m feeling a lot less tired but going to bed early is helping a lot. With Hayden still not sleeping in the night I’m having a lot of broken sleep but It’s manageable for now.

I’ve started using my cute Bae The Label Pregnancy Journal. I love it, it’s so darn sweet. Not like I have enough planners to last me a life time I have no added a pregnancy Journal to the mix.

The company is based in Australia so their dating are slightly different than ours but it still works really well for memory keeping.


If you haven’t already have a read of my first trimester its been a pretty good one.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. Oh what a beautiful journal. I think it’s beautiful to keep a pregnancy journal. It’s so good that you had a thorough and wonderful sonographer x

  2. Wonderful to hear that the pregnancy is going well and you are not quite so tired. I love your pregnancy journal, it is gorgeous and will be such a special keepsake.

  3. What a lovely journal I really wish I had one when I was pregnant, such great memories to look back on x

  4. I am glad to hear everything is going well!

  5. That pregnancy journal is so cute! Definitely something to cherish forever!

  6. congratulations on your pregnancy. The diary looks really fab and I love the colours

  7. oh wow I love the idea of a pregnancy journal and congratulations I look forward to reading more about your journey

  8. What a lovely journal, it’s so nice when you have something like that to document all your stages x

  9. Many congratulations on your pregnancy.The journal idea sounds great and a lovely memorable keepsake.

  10. Great to hear it’s all going well! The design of that journal is so lovely, it’ll definitely be wonderful to look back on and see your journey!

  11. So good to hear things are going well, I bet you’re super excited now x

  12. What a lovely journal, it’s so nice you can document your pregnancy like that x

  13. What a really lovely journey and what an amazing thing to be able to share when the baby is older x

  14. The pregnancy journal is a lovely idea and a great way to remember what happened during your pregnancy in later years. It makes a lovely keep sake x

  15. A lovely idea to record and share the journey of your pregnancy.

  16. Not sure I would be happy watching a horrow movie then my brain playing tricks on me by reliving it in my head. Lovely update and congrats

  17. Oh I can’t wait to keep up to date with your pregnancy! I love a pregnancy journey and couldn’t be happier for you 🙂 H x

  18. Congratulations on your pregnancy, that journal is such a cute idea and along with your blog it’s so nice you can document your journey! xo

  19. What an absolutely beautiful Journal, and wonderful to keep and show baby when they are older. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy, I can’t wait to hear what you had xx

  20. That is a gorgeous photo and keeping a journal is such a good idea! It will be so interesting for you second child when he/she grows up to see what they looked like in the womb!

  21. That photo is amazing, so clear and I do like the way you are journalling your pregnancy!

  22. Angela Key Milnes

    What a great post and I love reading this, Glad you share this with us

  23. Aw how lovely! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I love how you’ve presented it too x

  24. Aww, I didn’t know you were expecting again Charlotte! Congratulations 🙂 I hope everything goes well for you.

    Louise x