Top Tips For A Perfect Girly Weekend Away In The UK

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Have you noticed lately, with life taking such a hectic turn, the time spent with your girlfriends is being squeezed? Friday night catch-ups at the wine bar are more often than not replaced with a late night at the office, followed by a lonesome glass of wine and quick catch-up on Facebook. It’s a depressing thought. There’s nothing more liberating than a good night out with your mates.

It’s becoming much more acceptable with today’s busy schedules for girlfriends to plan whole weekends away. After all, happy wife equals happy husband. And even if you haven’t got a husband or a partner, the likely chances are, you are married to your work. There’s no escaping the fact that a weekend break is just what you need.

Now we are at the planning stage, there’s a tricky road to tread. Satisfying everyone’s needs isn’t easy. Some will want a full on Ibiza-style party, while others are all set to chill on a yoga retreat. With careful planning you can make your weekend an all-singing, all-dancing break, with a downward-facing-dog thrown in for good measure. We’ve come up with an eclectic mix of tips and ideas to make sure everyone has a fabulous time on your special break.

The Area
It doesn’t really matter. It’s the company that counts (and the venue, see No.2). Don’t make the journey more than a couple of hours. No-one wants a hellish journey back (or there if we’re honest).

The Venue
We all love a posh hotel, but they can be expensive and difficult to organise for large groups. We think holiday lets are the way to go. Whether you fancy a tranquil rural retreat in an idyllic cottage, or the opportunity for some retail therapy based in a city-centre townhouse, renting a holiday property for the weekend is an attractive proposition.

Planned carefully, you’ll be able to organise a range of activities to suit everyone’s needs, and still create a relaxing space for snuggling in front of a movie. Making sure there’s a great communal space should be a priority in your selection criteria. Roof terraces, magical gardens and hot tubs are obviously a bonus.

Girly Weekend Away

The Food
If there’s a budding caterer in the group, that’s great. But don’t be tempted to leave it all to one person. Resentment builds quickly. It’s important that you all muck in, or agree to eat out. There’s the option of getting a caterer in if it’s within your budget, or a takeaway delivery if that suits. Work out a list of snacks between you and divvy up who brings what.

Cooking a meal in together doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be fun. But, at least one meal out over the weekend provides a good excuse to get dressed up.

The Drinks
Don’t be tempted to take too much booze. It will ruin your weekend itinerary. Champagne breakfasts may seem appealing, but ducking out of the afternoon’s planned activities for an afternoon nap is a waste of your girly time. Save the drinking for appropriate times, rather than starting early.

The Itinerary
Here’s the tricky bit. Getting a weekend itinerary in place to meet everyone’s needs isn’t going to be easy. Be sure not to overfill the weekend, but make sure there’s some planned activities too. This is where staying in a holiday let really comes into its own. Spending time together watching a movie, or relaxing with home-spa face packs is easy when you’ve got a large communal area in your chosen property. Try to plan a mixture of downtime and activities.

Girly Weekend Away

The Activities
Booking a beauty treatment or a massage at the local spa one afternoon goes some way to satisfying the need for a retreat. There may even be a yoga class on offer if there are fitness facilities too. If event planning comes easy for you, searching out a local massage therapist and a yoga teacher to come to your holiday let for a couple of hours isn’t a too far-fetched idea.

If you want to create a drink-oriented evening in, why not plan for cocktails and hire a cocktail waiter for a couple of hours to keep the creations flowing.

Depending on your holiday let, you could even hire a mobile bar and take lessons in the art of the perfect cocktail. It’s all about doing something different and having some fun. If there’s a big enough crowd of you, it might be a cheaper option than a night out on the town, and you’ll get a lesson in mixology thrown in.

For a shopping extravaganza you don’t all have to stick together. It can be painful waiting for everyone to browse at their own paces. Split into smaller groups and meet regularly for coffee, cake or even a cheeky tipple.

If you’ve planned a city break, booking a theatre show or a visit to one of the main attractions there adds a cultural flavour to the weekend. Equally, for rural spots, a hike in the countryside or a beachside walk can be one of your weekend highlights. It all depends on your preferences.


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