See The Sights Of The UK With Your Job

Do you get itchy feet and want to broaden your horizons? Many of us get the urge to head off into the sunset and embrace a new signs and place. But, sadly, commitments often hold us back. There’s the small matter of needing a job to pay the bills, for example.

But, what if your job actually allowed you to see a little more of the country? The UK contains a great many wonders and yet many of us have neither the time or opportunity to see more of them. Some positions can cater for your desire to see more.

The internet might have reduced the amount of travel required for meetings – but people in sales still have to clock up the miles. Their jobs involve pitching for business anywhere they can – and that means heading to any corner of the country where there is a demand for their products and service. While much of their time might be spent on travel – or in meeting rooms – some sales roles do allow for people to stay over and explore new towns and cities as part of their work.


The construction industry involves, by its very nature, the work travelling to meet demand. Workers in this industry move from project to project and the best schemes can deliver some spectacular sights and experiences. Imagine working on The Shard, for example?

Coach driver
Every single day, bus loads of people head out across the UK on day trips – visiting seaside towns, cities and major attractions. Once the coach driver has safely delivered them all to where they need to be, there is chance for them to see a little of the place too, meaning they can enjoy some varied and interesting days across the country. Such jobs are in demand too – with more than 200,000 people employed in bus or coach driving.

A flair for the written word could take you to places – literally. Freelance writers, for example, are able to travel the country working on assignments that they can pitch to publications. Alternatively, the rise of content marketing has presented opportunities for writers able to fulfil a whole host of writing assignments. Writers are able to pick up such tasks and do them while off on the road travelling if they so wish – all they need is an internet connection to be able to pitch up and work wherever they so wish.


Teaching, on the other hand, is a profession in demand no matter where you go in the country (for example, EduStaff has a wide range of secondary teaching jobs). That means it is perfect for people who want to move every few years or pick up ad hoc jobs as a supply teacher.

Some jobs, therefore, naturally involve travel. Others can be done while you travel around or there are those – such as teaching – which are in demand everywhere and allow you to easily transfer your skills. Don’t feel stuck in one place – embrace the right job and you’ll be able to see the sights in the UK.


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