It’s Home Spa Night: 5 tips for multi-sensory bath time relaxation

What could be better than a long hot soak in the bath? Whether you’ve had a hard day at work, been busy in the garden or frazzled from looking after young kids, why not shut yourself away for a bit of ‘me’ time and let all your troubles melt away in the bath?

Here are some great tips, as suggested by Sara on behalf of The Bathroom Discount Centre for making your home spa night an experience for all 5 senses.

A little light relaxation
If you’re dozing in the tub, the last thing you want is harsh electric lighting to disrupt the relaxing atmosphere – so switch off your main bathroom light. Instead, install some soft lighting to suit your mood.

Candles are always a banker. Whether you go for fuss-free tea lights dotted around the room or invest in some indulgent scented votive candles is up to you. If you’re not happy about having a real flame in your bathroom, how about getting some submersible faux LED candles or fully waterproof, colour changing floating spa lights to add to the spa ambience?

multi-sensory bath time relaxation

Music to your ears
Let the ethereal sounds of Enya accompany your as you drift away on a cloud of relaxation. Croon along to old blue eyes Frank Sinatra or let it rock with Kasabian. Music and bath time go together like Handel and Water Music.

Whether you have your music on an iPod or smartphone, do make sure you place it in a waterproof plastic bag, and always well away from the bathtub. Accidents do happen… Place your Bluetooth speakers nearby but at a safe distance from the water, unless you have waterproof speakers designed for use in the bath.

The aroma of aaaaahhh!
For a full spa experience, fragrant bubble baths, bath oils or salts are a must. Of course, you can use your favourite brand – but how about using natural aromas to soothe the senses? For the simplest soothing, relaxing and uplifting bath soak, all you need is herbal tea – true!

Mix equal amounts of dried herbs such as lavender, chamomile, rosemary and peppermint to create your own ‘bath tea’, then place a couple of tablespoons into a 15cm round piece of cotton fabric, gather up the edges and tie with string. Pop one into the bath as it’s filling up and breathe in deeply.

multi-sensory bath time relaxation

Getting comfy with it
If you’re planning on staying in the bath for some time, make sure you have everything that you need within reach. This is where a bath caddy comes in extremely handy. Rather than having cups of tea, glasses of wine, books, candles, bath lotions and potions precariously dotted around the edge of the bath, have a bath rack that fits across the tub to safely keep all the bits and bobs.

For drinks, have you considered getting a portable cup (or wine glass) holder that attaches to the bathtub wall by way of suction cups?

A waterproof bath pillow to rest your weary head is a nice touch too.

Finally, double check that you won’t be interrupted during your ablutions – is your phone switched to Airplane Mode? The kids safely watching TV? The spouse making dinner downstairs, so you don’t have to?

Revealing the new you
Relaxation is a wonderful thing; but reinvigoration is even better. Do you have a body brush or loofah to hand to slough off dead skin, exfoliate and get the circulation going? How about a pumice stone to remove hard skin on your feet?

You can use a simple homemade sugar scrub to help things along. In a bowl, mix 100ml of almond oil with  6 drops of your favourite essential oil (geranium, lavender and rose is a calming mixture, while orange and clove is uplifting and relieves stress). Stir in 200g of granulated sugar until well combined, and use straight away.

Emerge from your bath destressed, relaxed and ready to face the world again.



Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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