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In all honestly I wasn’t born with an interior design bone in my body but over the years I have managed to get the hang of colour coordinating and matching pieces together. When decorating on kids projects it’s comes so much easier for me, especially as Hayden likes things colourful so I can just throw a bit of colour here and there and voilà he’s a happy bunny.

I’ve noticed with our home natural lighting is a major issue so I’m trying to think of better ways to brighten up our bedrooms with lighting before cubby comes – Pregnancy has got me getting all creative. I’ve been truly inspired by bedroom images recently especially kids bedrooms on Pinterest and Instagram some of you guys have seriously amazing decorating skills with awesome lighting – Jealous.

I found out recently the lighting in a home changes the mood of a room just as it does with how the size of a room looks too. So it’s very important to get a selection of elements within the room to make the best functionality and style.

My top choice for lighting would have to be led ceiling lights you can place them were you like and give the room lighting greatest exposure.


Here are some basic top tips when it comes to lighting decor not just for a bedroom but any room around the house.

Darker colours make a room feel smaller and cramped, while light-colored walls do the opposite. Lighting reflects off the surfaces of the walls, so think about that when designing. 

Ambience is very important in the bedroom, dining room & living room. Installing dimmers on lights for altering effect can change a mood significantly. Soft or coloured light bulbs can also change a room’s mood too even energy saving bulbs they give off an orange feel.

Side Lamp
Good Bedside lighting is usually the first priority in a bedroom. Putting a side lamps on during the day will bring a warmth & extra brightness to the room. Casting a nice even warm glow in corners of the room where the sun doesn’t reach – genius!

Smaller Rooms
The bane of everyone’s life. Using track lighting draws the eye upwards and is perfect for small, dark rooms where the natural lighting is at a minimal.

Too Much Light
Yes this is possible. When designing with light you must consider all light sources, including natural light. If you over light a room, the effect will be harsh and uncomfortable especially at nighttime.

What kind of lighting tips do you have for anyone decorating a room.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. The lights in your picture are beautiful! I’d love to have led lamps like that in the ceiling, or have string lights hanging from the ceiling.

  2. I like soft and relaxing lighting in the bedroom, and then to be able to flood the room with sunshine in the morning.

  3. I’ve become so obsessed with lighting. I recently bought a lamp that changed the look of my living room and now I’m trying to do it to every room. I quite like the led light and how it reflects on the ceiling.