First Trimester With Baby Number 2

Hey guys,
I wanted to update my blog with a pregnancy update on my first trimester with baby number 2 nicknames cubby by myself and Tuesday by Hayden. I haven’t actually posted anything about my pregnancy on my blog since the Pregnancy Announcement – If you missed it go check it out.

I am currently in my second trimester but I wanted to do a quick flashback on how I got on during my first trimester which consisted of weeks 1-13. I will write-up my 1st scan which took place in the 12th week in a separate post. I first found out in June 2016 with a BFP on two home pregnancy test after my allergy appointment at the Hospital. I already knew I was pregnant as AF was due on the and she never showed her ugly face.
I took myself along to Primark brought a pack of newborn vests for my announcement to Mr B. 

First Trimester Pregnancy testFirst Trimester Pregnancy Announcement

I told Mr B on Fathers Day after one of our special Sunday movie screening when we got home. On the Saturday before I printed on the newborn vest and then wrapped it up along with a Fathers day card from he three of us.

My First Trimester Symptoms with baby number 2

Morning Sickness: No morning sickness at all, didn’t even throw up once.
It was pretty much the same as with Hayden. I don’t think I get morning sickness where I am physically sick. I just feel nauseous at times but so nauseous that I would need to lay down for a couple of hours. 

Exhaustion: My day-to-day life is pretty non existent, hence why my blog was never updated. I was always tired I found it hard to stay awake past 2 PM and bedtime was about 9 PM or as soon as Hayden went to sleep at around 7PM I would be in bed ready to close my eyes. 

Bloated: From the get go I had a bump it was mainly just me being bloated but it still looked like a constant bump (it was cute)  and my belly button stuck out straight away, which is really weird

Cramps: I felt cramping from really early on I’d say from just after implantation as I felt shooting pains around my cervix area. I’m pretty in tune with my body so when I was laying down ready for bed I would feel the pains, which would sometimes make me flinch. I would get random cramping but nothing major, but just felt like aunt flow was coming – but she decided not to show.

Tender Boobs: My boobs were constant hurting & growing this started from pretty early on and they were so tender it was unbelievable so soon as I could take a bra off I would. Actually stopped wearing bras and started wearing the Comfort Bra.

Not a symptom but the flu: Not too long before my first midwife appointment at 7 weeks I was really sick, flu-like sick and because I couldn’t take anything I thought it was the end of the world (ok a bit too dramatic I guess) but I was ridiculously ill, runny nose, sore throat, coughing, really hot and really cold. But managed to get over it was paracetamol, a honey and lemon.

My First Midwife Appointment 

My booking appointment was really good and straight forward this was my 1st midwife appointment after the GP. I was 9 weeks when they took my vitals (urine, weight etc) and everything was perfect. Bloods were also taken and I was given my hospital book, – My weekly change over was to be every Wednesday.

Weight: 63KG

Keep your eyes peeled for my 12 week scan update coming real soon. 


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. Aw, that newborn vest is so sweet, he must of been thrilled to see that. I’m glad your first trimester has gone well and congratulations on your pregnancy x

  2. Sounds like you’ve been going through a lot in your first trimester with #2! Looking forward to seeing your 12 week update

  3. I remember i had most of these symptoms when pregnant with my son the nausea I found was worse than being sick for me. Hope ur pregnancy continues to go well and I lock forward to reading more updates.

  4. Aw congratulations on baby number 2. It’s really weird about your belly butto nlol x

  5. exciting times even with the first trimester experience. lucky that you didn’t have morning sickness

  6. Congrats! I feel like we are in the season of pregnancies! That’s great news 🙂

  7. It is so exciting seeing so many fab bloggers pregnant at the moment and what a lovely way to tell Mr B!

  8. That wee vest is so adorable! I’ve heard that morning sickness can be one of the worst things ever, so lucky you avoided that one!

  9. Sounds like you’ve been through a lot in the first trimester but you must be super excited x

  10. I absolutely love how you announced it to Mr B! I bet he was floored by that little vest! Can’t wait to read more posts as you progress through xx

  11. Congratulations on baby number 2 and what a cute way to tell Mr B! x

  12. Exciting times! I remember I immediately looked pregnant with baby #2, it’s funny how bodies work like that. I felt loads of cramps and twinges like you did too.

  13. Congratulations on the pregnancy! Such a cute little vest! Baby clothes are just so adorable!

  14. I’ve never been pregnant – it sounds exhausting! Keep well!

  15. I’m so happy for you! What a lovely way to make a second baby announcement to your other half! xxx

  16. I’m so glad you mentioned your bloating and belly button popping out- It bought I was the only one. It’s like I got pregnant and my belly button just went “pop”. lol.x

  17. Congratulations on number 2! It’s great that you didn’t have any morning sickness, my mummy ate her way through her body weight in ginger biscuits she felt that ill! 😉

  18. the printed newborn vest is a lovely way to let your hubby know about the baby.
    Hang on there, second pregnancies are harder, because you already have one baby to look after, so you can’t rest as much. Don’t worry about blogging. I was very frustrated that I had to stop and loose my page views and rankings, but it’s only temporary.
    Now my baby is 9 months and the toddler goes to school and I have my blogging time back, without feeling constantly fluffy headed and tired.

  19. Congratulations on baby number 2! What a lovely way to tell Mr B, how exciting!

  20. Wow what a cute way to announce. Love the vest.

  21. Oh that’s such a lovely way to announce it x

  22. Congratulations love! The romper vest sounds like a great idea to surprise the partner! definitely doing this for baby number 2!

  23. Congratulations!!!! I love the printed baby grow what a lovely idea. I bet daddy was pleased to hear the news.

  24. Congratulations! This is such happy news. Wishing you all well.

  25. That newborn vest is so cute, I can imagine that you have been through some changes, I have been morning sick early in my pregnancy and it was horrendous! You are lucky 🙂

  26. What a lovely way to tell Mr B! I’m glad everything has gone so well, I had sickness throughout my whole pregnancy so I’m slightly jealous you’re getting away with just feeling nauseous. Congratulations! xx