Christmas Gift Guide For Her 2016

Welcome to my Christmas Gift Guide for Her 2016
You’ll find a great mix of products for all budgets. I love all of these products as I have got to try them all out personally *two thumps up*

This guide comes in issuu online magazine form below and simple blog post form too just keep scrolling. If you see anything that you like simply click the name and it will take you straight to their site.

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1 | Belly Buds £49.99
Belly Buds is a specialized speaker system that gently adheres to your belly and allows you to safely play memory-shaping sound directly to the womb. Whether it’s a soothing tune or a bond-forming voice message. BellyBuds is a safe and effective first step in connecting with your soon-to-be bundle of joy. Easy to use, discreet and good on the go, BellyBuds works anywhere, anytime.
A baby’s hearing is fully developed at about 20 weeks. Memories start at 30.

2 | Hickies $14.99
Hickies makes your trainers looks, feel and fit better. And it’s a perfect gift. Unexpected, colorful, with a great price point.Hickies is for Everyone, from a 4 year old to an elderly person including athletes and people suffering disabilities.

3 | Discount Supplements £Multi
40-50% of adults in the UK will make a new year’s resolution in 2017. The most popular resolution previously has been diet and fitness related. Why not get your friends and family off to a great start with some health and fitness related gifts.
Yogi Women’s Tea
Yogi Detox Tea with lemon
Yogi Women’s Balance Tea
Yogi Women’s Energy Tea
Optimum Nutrition Vitamins for Women
Women’s Cross Training Gloves

4 | Initial Bag Charm/ Keyring £16.75
A stylish and classy bag charm/ keyring. The perfect way to add a little something special to your bag or your keys. This bag charm/ keyring makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Style queens will love it as will those wanting to be unique in a classy way. Why not treat yourself to one to update one of your handbags?

5 | The Family Album Memory Book £24.95
A snapshot of your family to treasure forever. The Family Album is a fun to complete, and even more fun to look back on, journal of family milestones and memories. In this chunky 100 page book you can all list your favourites and phobias, what will happen when you rule the world, your secret family recipe, house rules and even create your own mini newspaper. There are quotes, giggles and plenty of room for milestones and memories, wishes and hopes, pics, sketches and selfies too – you will create your own picture of what family means to you. Your book contains features including awards, 100 things we love, our perfect weekend, a day in the life, achievements, milestone calendar, holiday record, family date ideas, movie night and so much more.

6 | Rose Gold Black SB Bracelet £19
A gentle touch of sophistication gives our anchor bracelet something every confident women strives for – an anchor of stability and Rose Gold colour of femininity. Handcrafted, we strive to create quality bracelets with a modern, minimalistic look and design that goes along with any style. Formal and casual enough, they flow seamlessly into your everyday life but are still a small but mighty reminder of the moments you should never forget.
All Sailbrace products are NICKEL FREE!

7 | Silver Heart Bola Necklace £28
A symbol of a Mother’s love… “It takes someone really brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child and someone special to love someone more than herself”. The Silver Heart Bola is 20mm in diameter and silver plated. This necklace is hand finished and each pendant is unique in sound, it will arrive wrapped and presented in a cotton pouch including a special card detailing the tradition of the Mexican Bola chiming pendant.

8 | Woobamboo Toothbrush £4.95
The only thing standard about our Standard Adult Toothbrushes is the routine of brushing twice a day. The beautiful bamboo handle provides a wavy grip that sits in the curve of your palm and offers a natural place for your thumb. A very light coating of Chinese white wax coupled with the already anti-microbial nature of bamboo assures you that not only are you doing something healthy for your mouth, but that you are not harvesting a germ fest on the handle.

9 | Upsie Belly £69.95
As your belly grows, you may find it uncomfortable and difficult to move with this new weight. Upsie Belly provides immediate relief, making it easier to increase your range of motion and daily activity throughout your pregnancy.
Their revolutionary SecureStretch™ materials mold to your body with just the right amount of tension. This creates a strong support and stable fit while the exclusive soft-front closure allows you to move freely, without digging or discomfort. Because your baby bump is what matters most, our Upsie Belly is created from ultra-soft viscose from bamboo materials and includes a hot/cold gel pack.

10 | Varta Safety Power Bank 2600 mAh £25.09
The Power Bank External Battery Pack/Battery and Key Pocket Alarm for Personal Security Alarm come with a power siren. It has up to a battery charge for the latest smartphones – Active Battery ensures 20% of the battery capacity as a spare for the siren 100 decibels Panic Alarm also acts as a strobe light set and the alarm is over a distance of 2 Football Fields to hear.

11 | PacaPod – Hastings Range £69
Super durable and stylish knapsack with changing mat and pods.
With new colour for Autumn 2016
A stylish but practical knapsack/changing bag that retains the charm of this much-loved, old school classic but hidden inside is a strong and capable companion that will handle whatever you throw at it!

12 | Eisberg Alcohol Free Wine £21 (per case)
The winemakers have created this fresh, fruity Rosé just for you.
It has strawberry jam and raspberry flavours.
They have also created a fresh, crisp Chardonnay.
It has hints of lemon, ripe peaches, and soft vanilla, and has had the alcohol carefully removed making it perfect for you to enjoy at any time.


Happy Shopping!


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