How to Break the “Curse” of Big Boobs

Big boobs can be a godsend sometimes. After all, once you start creeping above a D cup you don’t have to worry about filling out a dress or spending hours contouring to achieve a mind-blowing cleavage.

But, at other times, they’re the absolute bane of your life.

If you’ve ever wasted hours searching in vain for a sports bra with the strength to restrain your breasts or suffered a desperate search to find a bridesmaid dress which zips up past your ribcage, you’ll understand why some women look on them as a strange and twisted curse. 


Living with Big Boobs
Having an above average-sized chest makes lots of things more difficult – and finding the right clothes and bras is just the tip of the iceberg. There’s much a more serious consequence of having a bust to rival Kim K. Plenty of fuller-figured women struggle with the unwanted attention their cleavage brings them from complete strangers, especially after hearing one too many sexual innuendos. In fact, scientists have proven a direct link between bigger boobs and low self-esteem.

Making a Change
But you don’t have to spend your life being defined by your bra size. Learning to love your body for what it is can be difficult – a life-long process for most people – but it isn’t impossible. Big boobs or small, there are plenty of awkward and unwanted situations in life that make us feel uncomfortable in our bodies. By accepting your breasts for the wonderful, glorious beauties they are, you’ll find it much easier to make it through even the worst times.
To help you on your way to blissful self-acceptance, we’ve got a few top tips on how to break the so-called “curse” of big boobs.

Practice Perfect Posture
Standing properly and having perfect posture has lots of benefits – it can reduce general aches and pains, make you look thinner, improve your confidence and help your boobs sit better. With a few small changes in how you hold yourself, you could have a big impact on your self-esteem. So start practising sitting up straight, keeping your shoulders back and your head up, and you’ll soon notice a difference.


Explore Surgical Solutions
As well as causing stress and anxiety, big boobs can influence your physical wellbeing. Back pain is often a chronic side effect, and one solution is undergoing a breast reduction to reduce their weight, volume and overall impact on your body. It can help ease discomfort and strain on your back, but, as it’s a serious surgery, you should always talk it over with a qualified professional before deciding to go under the knife.

Work It Out
Despite knowing how vital working out is for staying physically and mentally healthy, it’s tempting to skip the gym when we’re struggling to face another early Monday morning session. But understanding how a session at the gym can make your bust look and feel a gazillion times better will give you some much-needed motivation. Chest exercises can give breasts a natural boost, whilst strengthening your core will help you maintain that perfect posture you’ve been working on.

Let’s face it, feeling confident and secure in your body – big boobs included – isn’t going to happen overnight. There’ll be shaky moments and bad days along the way, but looking after your physical wellbeing is a good place to start.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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