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Beginners Guide To Home Improvements

I don’t know why but I always want to start a DIY home project or some sort of home improvements in the winter. So what better to offer you guys then a Beginners Guide To Home Improvements? This year I’m a bit bummed as with the pregnancy I can’t do too much but I did manage to get a new bed and practically put it together myself (Thanks for the bit of help dad HAHA) 

To find out all you need about home improvements for beginners click the image below.
My favorite tip is How to fit shelves: 
It can take up to 30 mins, it’s very easy and its a low cost project


A plasterboard wall will require that you fix the shelf to two studs (using a stud finder), but you won’t need to worry about this step if you’re drilling into a solid wall. However, you will need to use plastic wall plugs in a solid wall as this will ensure that the screws stay secure.

What kinds of home improvements would you like to do if you could this Winter?

The Beginner's Guide to Home Improvements
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My favorite winter home improvements and DIY home projects
1. Bathroom remodel (minor – colour change)
2. Kitchen remodel (minor – colour change)
3. Repaint front of house for harsh weather 
4. Spare room remodel (colour change)
5. Bedroom update
6. Living room update

These are just some simple and easy things for you to do this Winter.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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