Incorperate Colour

5 Ways To Incorporate Colour Into Your Master Bedroom

When you incorporate colour into your bedroom it can be pretty significant. Studies have shown that some colours, by their very nature, are better suited to encouraging a good night’s sleep.

A survey for hotel chain Travelodge found that people with a blue bedroom get seven hours 52 minutes sleep a night, making it the colour most suited to getting 40 winks. That makes for a stark contrast with bottom-of-the-table purple, with rooms in this colour giving occupants five hours 56 minutes sleep on average – almost two hours less than blue rooms.

Speaking to the Daily Mail about the study, interior design expert Suzy Chiazzari, said: ‘Your bedroom décor can certainly impact upon your quality and quantity of sleep per night. 

“Although many people think purple creates a sense of luxury in the bedroom, this colour can reduce the number of hours of sleep you attain. 

“Purple has a strong connection with the more artistic community being a colour reported to stimulate creativity and the unconscious mind. Therefore, sleeping in a purple room is more likely to promote vivid dreams or even nightmares; resulting in you feeling tired in the morning.”

So, bearing this in mind, how should you incorporate colour into your master bedroom to create the perfect retreat from the stresses and strains of daily life?


The bed is the centrepiece of your room, clearly, and your eye will naturally be drawn to this when you walk through the door. You should use this to your advantage when designing your bedroom. Get a good, comfortable, practical bed (Divan Beds Centre can help in this regard) and dress this with colourful bedding.

The great thing about your bedding is that you can quite quickly and easily make a big change. Light blue or pale yellow walls give you the flexibility to try all sorts of different colours and patterns when it comes to your bedspreads. Every time you want a fresh look, switch the bedding and you can alter your colour scheme.

The walls are the key to delivering a relaxing room that is conducive to a good night’s sleep. This is where you should look to apply the lessons of the study cited above. If blue isn’t your thing, yellow and green can also deliver a decent night’s kip too.

Incorperate Colour

Lamp shade
Lighting can be a really effective way to add a colourful pattern to your room. Take a look for a creative lamp shade and this can be all you need to turn a humble bare light bulb into a light show that will brighten up your bedroom when the sun sets. Get some inspiration from this collection from Not On The High Street.

There’s no reason why those coloured walls have to stay plain. Why not break them up with an eye-catching piece of artwork or a favourite family photo? These images are your way of adding a touch of personality, character and – importantly – colour to your room.

One final way to add a splash of colour to your master bedroom is with the accessories you choose. Don’t go overboard – clutter won’t help you to drift off in peace at night – but pick out some plump cushions, classy bedside lamps or even a comfy deep rug to top off your room in style.


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