Tesco Halloween Spooktacular Delivery

When working as a blogger you get to experience seriously amazing opportunities and working with Tesco for their Halloween event this year has been AMAZING so far. We received a misery box to our house which gave us a shock to open but so funny as it literally screamed at me. Inside there were a few little goodies and instruction for a project with Tesco.
I opened the box before Hayden came home from school so re-boxed it and had Hayden open the box again – caught it on video.

Tesco HalloweenTesco Halloween

Our mission was to choose Halloween items to be delivery by a Tesco van to our home and then plan a spooktacular Halloween party for Hayden and his little buddies. 
BOOM! Not a problem at all, how hard can this be RIGHT! The list was extensive – Thinking about Tesco actually have a pretty awesome range of Halloween goodies to choose from and their range gets better and better each year. I think soon we (The UK) will be catching up with the mega hype of our cousins (USA) across the water and make Halloween a massive deal … That would BLOW MY MIND! We love Halloween in our house.

Our List: (You can find these products at Tesco)

  1. Pumpkin Carving Kit
  2. Scene Setter
  3. Halloween Balloons
  4. Spider Wreath
  5. Beware Monsters Ahead sign
  6. Halloween Confetti
  7. Dancing Skeleton
  8. Spooky Spider Set
  9. Treat Bowl
  10. Rib Cage Jelly Mould
  11. Glow in the dark: Loot pot
  12. Pumpkin Lantern
  13. Haribo Scaremix Mega Box
  14. Dress Up Costume: Frankenstein Size 5
  15. Werewolf Mask and Gloves: Adult
  16. Make Up Kit
  17. Hairspray: White

I think that list was pretty decent if I do say so myself.

Next up was the delivery of the goodies – When I say ladies and gents that Tesco went all out, they went ALL OUT, we were so impressed. Their delivery van came with a black and orange makeover, scary music playing & spooky fake smoke oozing from the sides of the van. Not to mention an incredibly awesome delivery man dressed to the nines in his eerie attire – He seriously rocked.
The van cause so much of a scene people walking past had to stop and look, and our neighbours even came out of their homes –  it was the most surreal experience. Hayden didn’t know what to expect, well neither did Mr B or I, so we were all in shock.

Tesco HalloweenTesco HalloweenTesco HalloweenTesco Halloween

We we’re then presented with the goodies that we choose from the list to host our little Halloween party.
It was super exciting to go through each item with the eerie delivery driver.

Tesco Halloween Tesco HalloweenTesco Halloween Tesco Halloween

There was even a ghoul popping out from inside the van which I thought Hayden would be scared of but he loved every second of it.

Tesco Halloween Tesco Halloween Tesco Halloween

We should have totally been wearing our Halloween costumes for our spooky family photos.

Tesco Halloween Tesco Halloween

Tesco – You guys are amazing.
Thank you SO much.

We can’t wait to throw Hayden’s first ever Halloween party, keep your eyes peeled for the blog post next weekend.
Have a spooktacular week you lovely lot.

Do let me know what you have planned for your Halloween and if you haven’t already got you October laptop & phone calendar wallpaper, Download it here – October 2016 Free Wallpaper – There might be a Halloween treat for you.



Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. This is just absolutely brilliant, the look on his face is amazing, too cute. Oddly my Tesco delivery man looks similar to this one! x

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  6. This looks amazing. This must have made your son’s day.

  7. Wow that’s incredible! So awesome of tesco 🙂 have an amazing Halloween party!

  8. Wow, looks like they went all out to deliver this box to you. How exciting, sounds like this box is a pretty sweet deal.

  9. Omg how amazing are TESCO!!!? I love this they went to an incredible amount of trouble all to make it super special!! http://Www.mylifeinrosetintedglasses.com

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