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Everything You Need to Know About Sticky Note Art

I bet you didn’t know sticky note art is an real thing. Think you need expensive materials, huge white canvases and artistic flare to create beautiful art work? Think again! You can actually use basic stationery to make eye-catching displays and designs, allowing you to flex your imagination and get crafty on a budget. Here’s what you need to know about sticky notes, and a few tips to help to you make some sticky note art…

First, remember that sticky notes aren’t just for making lists!

You probably use sticky notes at work or at home, relying on them for jotting down reminders and writing grocery lists. But did you ever consider that you could use them for something more fun? All over the world, people have used sticky notes to add some colour to drab walls and to make pieces of art, and they’ve also used sticky notes in stop motion videos – proving that sticky notes are the perfect medium for a bit of creativity!

Sticky notes have been used for interior design (often in student houses or anywhere else where occupants are working to a budget and don’t have permission to paint the walls), and can make a quirky but practical choice for families… after all, it won’t matter if children scribble on the walls as sticky notes can be easily replaced! Want to see an example? Check out number 10 on this list.


Sticky notes are also responsible for some of the internet’s most loved artwork too: Traditional square sticky notes are perfect for producing pixel art, and have been used to produce images of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis and have now even inspired a ‘sticky-note war’ between office blocks all over America.

So, how can you make your own sticky note art?

Well, the first thing you should do is decide what kind of art work you want to design. Are you planning on making a mural? Are you playing a prank? Or would you prefer to have a go at stop-motion photography?

If you’re going to make a mural, measure the space you have available. This will tell you how high and wide your design can be, and therefore how many post it notes you’ll need to fill the space. Then, plan your mural out on a grid. You could use graph paper to do this, counting each little square as one sticky note.

Also, it’s a good idea to keep colour contrast in mind. Pixel art works well when there are high-contrast colours placed beside one another, so consider putting oranges beside blues, yellows beside purples and reds beside greens.

Finally, (and here’s a really good tip!) pull your sticky notes from the pad in a particular way: instead of lifting each sheet from the bottom and pulling it off in a vertical direction, carefully lift each sheet from the side. Peeling it in a horizontal direction will help to keep the sticky notes flat and prevent them from curling up. And finally, if you’re going to make some sticky note art, you need to get your hands on some of your own – plenty are available here. Good luck!

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