5 Purse-Friendly Ways To Spoil Yourself This Week

Having one of those days where nothing’s going right? Failing to get a handle on life no matter how hard you try? Whether it’s the aftershock of dealing with your youngest child’s tantrum or the result of a bad night’s sleep, we’ve all been there.

But you don’t have to put on a brave face and soldier on. You’re perfectly within your rights to take a little me time – in fact, you deserve it! So to get you back to your normal self, we’re sharing five purse-friendly ways to rejuvenate and spoil yourself this week. Take a look.

Treat #1: Watch your favourite Disney films

Any self-confessed Disney princess understands the feel-good magic of the classic films. It’s hard to beat the romance of Sleeping Beauty in our opinion, but whatever your favourite Disney film, re-watching it is bound to cheer you up.

So get cuddled up on the sofa (don’t forget snacks!) and refuse to budge until the final song has finished!


Treat #2: Buy your favourite perfume

Satisfy your inner shopaholic by treating yourself to a new perfume. It’s much cheaper than buying a whole new wardrobe, and a bottle can last you months if you use it sparingly.

Look for a classic scent that reminds you of something nice – your old high school favourite maybe – and it’ll also bring up happy memories every time you wear it!

Treat #3: Take a music-free walk

Research shows that being in close contact with nature is calming and relaxing, but most of us head out for a walk around the park with our headphones in and music blaring.

Next time you’re feeling stressed and fancy a stroll, leave your phone or iPod at home to really feel the benefits of connecting with nature.


Treat #4: Experiment with your hairstyle

Give yourself a confidence boost and get out of a style rut by spending the afternoon experimenting with your hair.

Whether you go for a new updo, practise creating vintage waves or try out a different blow dry method, have fun – and at the very least you’ll end up with a killer new selfie for Instagram.

Treat #5: Learn how to cook your favourite restaurant meal

Instead of heading out for an expensive slap-up meal, find a recipe and cook your own version of your favourite restaurant’s best dish.

Give yourself the entire evening to prepare it and you won’t have to suffer through the stress of the normal weekday mealtime rush. You could even make your friends day too by inviting her around to sample it afterwards!

How do you treat yourself after you’ve had a particularly tough day? You can always share your top tips for reducing stress in the comment section!


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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