Perfect Bedroom Styles For Children

Every child should be the proud owner of a space that’s exclusively his or hers. Your child’s bedroom is a place in which to rest and relax, play and read, and, later on, invite friends to hang out; it’s a space for quiet contemplation or noisy games and the one room within your home where their personality can shine through. Your little one’s bedroom will be his or her first foray into independence and the first opportunity to get creative and have a say. So, what should that bedroom look like, and how should it be styled?

Top tips for styling your child’s bedroom

As your child gets older there’s a good chance that he or she will want some say in the style of their bedroom; perhaps your little one has a favourite colour, character, or theme that they’d desperately like to incorporate into their own room. If they’re too young to make any suggestions just yet, or are happy for you to take the lead, here are some fantastic ideas that your child, and you, will simply adore…

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Clean and simple

Why overcomplicate matters when a warm and cosy space filled with your little one’s favourite things will do wonderfully? The clean and simple look is ideal for those on a limited budget and for families unlikely to move house before their children want a new look. Paint the room’s walls with a calming, neutral colour such as white, pale grey, beige, or cream, and use wall decals, borders, and colourful soft furnishings to add a little personality. Curtains and throws, as well as accessories and decor, can be changed over time, while this essential bedroom style never goes out of fashion.

The tree house

A tree house, or woodland themed bedroom is ideal for children that love to head outdoors, and for those living in inner cities areas what better way of introducing the natural world than via your child’s bedroom? While you’d be forgiven for thinking that such a theme is incredibly complex to arrange, and expensive to purchase, that really needn’t be the case; bunk beds, or a cabin bed will look fantastic decorated with pretend foliage, or a faux tree house frontage, while forest decals, leafy borders, and green lighting will add to the effect. Think pale green walls, a deep green carpet, and accessories based on the woodland theme, with soft toy animals for added charm.

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Pirates and underwater

What child isn’t charmed by the idea of pirates of the seven seas, or mermaids below the waves? These underwater themes are utterly enchanting, and will work well with a little effort and lots of imagination; think a cabin bed with wooden frontage, pale blue walls with fish decals or borders, sandy yellow or brown carpet, and plenty of fish-themed accessories to complete the look. Parents going for an authentic pirate theme may want to go so far as to install coloured wooden shutters over the window, or to recreate the look below the cabin bed. Your pint-sized pirate or mermaid will look forward to flinging their shutters open each morning to let in a little light, while nothing says “high seas” quite like a ship’s wheel, which could be attached to the bed too.

Fairy-tale characters

If you’d like your child to grow up surrounded by recognisable characters and a sense of wonder, consider decorating his or her bedroom with images and accessories relating to beloved names, including Beatrix Potter, Disney, the Magic Faraway Tree, or nursery rhyme and fairy-tale faces. Pastel shades on the wall and carpet will add whimsy to any room, regardless of size, while decals and borders, or even murals, can introduce the characters they’ll grow to know and love, as they get older. Soft cushions set aside in one corner will create a cosy reading room fit for any book lover, and wooden shutters or fabric shades will allow light to filter through to create an ethereal environment fit for any fairy story.


The circus

Circus themes are ideal for boys and girls, and a great way to incorporate colours and fun into any space that your child will be spending time in; from funky fabrics and bright borders, to fun toys, canopies, and lights, the circus look is easily achievable, and it will delight little ones of any age. To achieve the circus style choose bold primary colours for the walls, borders, and soft furnishings, mark out a reading or quiet corner with a festival canopy, use a funky, round rug in lieu of a big top, and hang fairy lights or something similar to add a dash of the theatrics to the bedroom. Your child’s favourite toys will adore hanging out in such a space, and cuddly animals will really fit in; voila, the circus is in town.

One of the most sensible things you can do when it comes to your child’s bedroom design is to make everything easily interchangeable, and to rely on borders and accessories rather than grand paint jobs and complicated crafting. Unless you’re blessed with a limitless budget, a steady stream of resources and boundless creativity, it often pays to keep things simple, enabling you to alter your child’s bedroom as he or she grows up; that favourite character may not stay beloved forever, and their taste in colours is bound to change.

Pinterest and Instagram has some truly incredible designs that will take your breath away, and many can be adapted with ease to suit the space you have available. Go on, let your imagination run wild and create a bedroom that your child will truly adore.


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