Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Must Haves For Adults And Kids

With Halloween right around the corner I thought it would be best to share with you guys my must have Halloween costumes for both adults and kids, from my favorite fancy dress store. When dressing up for Halloween I almost always choose Vampire outfits but this year I have decided to switch it up a bit for myself due to bump so no tight dresses for me this year.

Here are my top 5 kids costumes list: Hayden will still stick with the Vampire theme – His choice and he’s gone with the first kids costume on my list. If you do plan on ordering from Funidelia they do have a delivery option of 24 hours, but be quick some items are only a few left.

Boys Mini Count Dracula Costume
Includes: shirt with waistcoat, frills, trousers and cape with collar
Halloween Costumes Kids Dracular

Larry young magician Child Costume
Includes: tunic with hood
Halloween Costumes Kids Harry Potter

Child’s Smiling Pumpkin Costume
Includes: jumpsuit and hat
Halloween Costumes Kids Pumpkin

Boys Sinister Bat Costume
Includes: jumpsuit
Halloween Costumes Kids Bat

Boy’s Franky the Skeleton Costume
Includes: jacket with shirt, hood and trousers
Halloween Costumes Kids Frank

Here are my top 5 adult costumes, I will be wearing the Maleficent costumes at Funidelia this year as there’s enough room for bump and I adore the movie.

Maleficent Queen Costume
Includes: dress with collar and hat
Halloween Costumes Maleficent

Women’s sexy Freddy Krueger Nightmare on Elm Street costume
Includes: corset, skirt, gloves or glove.
Halloween Costumes Freddy

Ghost Face Scream costume
Includes: tunic with hood and mask

Halloween Costumes Ghost Face Scream

Women’s Interesting Vampire Costume
Includes: dress and arm ribbons
Halloween Costumes Vampire

Women’s Enchanting Sorceress Costume
Includes: bolero, dress with incorporated corset, hat, overskirt and broach

Halloween Costumes Witch


I think I have a pretty decent range of costumes here for you guys to choose from BUT there is so much more on the website not to mention accessories too. 
Did you noticed how I added Ghost Face into the mix, I know he’s an oldie (so if Freddy) but I can’t help but think the Scream TV Show has made him popular again. What did you guys think of the Halloween special on Netflix? I’m not sure how I feel but it was pretty decent.
What will you and your kids be dressed up as this year? I’d love to know.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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