When Game Of Thrones Merges With Star Wars

Just a few days ago a star studded line-up attended the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony in downtown Los Angeles. There were heaps of deserved winners and it was an incredibly notable evening mostly thanks to hit HBO fantasy drama series ‘Game of Thrones’.

The popular series not only managed to pick up an armful of awards once more but made Emmy history by becoming one that has picked up more Emmy’s than any other prime time television show ever. The shows’ continued success and popularity, that consistently grows as each season arrives, is mostly thanks to its exceptionally passionate fan base that manages to constantly geek out on its richly created universe.

Digital artist Andrew Chan has created a whole new collection of great new character designs from the world of ‘Game of Thrones’ but this time there’s a twist. Chan has managed to merge the worlds of GoT and ‘Star Wars’ to combine what we love from both huge fantasy franchises.

Each of the popular GoT characters featured has been merged into George Lucas’s universe creating a mash-up of iconic faces from both worlds which will no doubt appeal to fans of each franchise and be a wet dream for those who adore both.


The images that that have featured in Europalace’s GoT characters in Star Wars blog post includes a number of recognisable faces from George R. R. Martin’s ‘Game of Thrones’ series. First up there’s the king slayer Jaime Lannister who Chan has managed to combine with that of a Jedi to become the Sith Slayer. This works tremendously well particularly as his bearded appearance is reminiscent of ‘Star Wars’ favourite Obi Wan Kenobi yet with his artificial arm, (which he lost in the series), it also lends itself greatly to the image of Luke Skywalker and the loss of his limb as well.

The first order has also been mixed in with the icy Night King from GoT along with his undead army all of which have been digitally handed a ice-blue lightsaber. Next up is Tyrion, the Imp Scoundrel. A hugely popular character in the GoT universe the dwarf favourite has been given a hand gun and a fetching outfit merging him with that of Hans Solo, portrayed by Harrison Ford in four of the ‘Star Wars’ movies which seems like another very fitting comparison.

The women from the series have not been forgotten about either as Arya Stark, Daenerys Targaryen and even Melisandre of Asshai have all been given the special crossover treatment. Melisandre becomes the Sith Lord of the Light, whilst Daenerys switches her position as Mother of Dragons to become Queen of Rancors, the disturbing beast which lived in the pit outside Jabba the Hut’s palace.

As for Arya she has grown in strength throughout the series and so it is only fitting and age appropriate to pair her up in a mash-up to become Jedi Padawan Arya.


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