An eco-friendly guide to designing the perfect kitchen

As a human, you’ll no doubt care deeply about the environment in some way or another. I started off caring with our first switch from using disposable nappies to cloth nappies. It was such a hard transition & I didn’t always feel like I wanted to (a lot of hard work) but we make the switch and it made me feel so much better within myself. We are planning to do the same with Cubby who’s due in Feb too, wish us luck. 
With everyone having a little bit of an eco change it only seems right that when it comes to designing the perfect kitchen, you should keep your eco-friendly morals in mind.
For help creating a cooking space that’s kind to the planet, keep reading.

Choose sustainable materials

In your kitchen, it’s likely you’ll want work surfaces, cabinets and flooring that are made from hardwearing, stylish materials. While these features are important, it also pays to go for products that are sustainable – a key factor if you want to keep up your green credentials in your cooking space. For example, you could go for natural oak kitchen doors or deep walnut worktops. You could even go for wood that’s been sustainably sourced.

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Opt for energy-efficient appliances
When it comes to choosing electrical appliances for your kitchen space, make sure you opt for energy-efficient models. From your fridge, to your cooker, to your dishwasher, purchasing inefficient gadgets is bad news for the planet, and you could end up wasting a surprisingly large amount of energy and money. So, to ensure you’re being kind to the environment, take the time to check energy ratings when you’re shopping for your appliances.

Include a recycling system

Recycling is a must, so be sure to keep this in mind when you’re designing your kitchen. To keep on top of your recycling regime, you could include a convenient waste disposal system in your layout. For example, you could place suitable containers in a deep drawer or cupboard that’s within easy reach. By doing this, you should find it much easier to separate everything, from paper and plastic packaging to glass and food.

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Go for power-saving solutions

Your energy consumption at home can have a huge effect on the planet, so to ensure you’re being as eco-friendly as possible, it’s a good idea to go for power-saving solutions. For instance, when you’re picking out lights for your kitchen, you could ditch regular bulbs in favour of ones that are more energy-efficient, such as LEDs. Also, to reduce your water usage, you could install lower flow taps. These will cut the amount of water that flows through your taps, and while this is great for the environment, it will also help lower your household bills.

Creating an eco-friendly kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult. Taking note of design suggestions like these should help you put together the cooking space you’ve always wanted.


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