Brand New Hasbro Furby Connect

We we’re lucky enough to receive the brand new Furby connect to join our family!
From the get go he’s been a hit with Hayden, I haven’t had a lot of time to play with him and see how he works fully but from what I’ve seen so far, I can guarantee this little thing will be on the top of most kids christmas lists for sure.

Heres a little introduction to the The Furby Connect creature. It is one of the best-connected friends around! The amazing Furby Connect friend gets updates from the Furby Connect World app for the latest Furby phrases, music, and videos. Physical and digital play come together with this interactive furball. Connect to explore the Furby Connect World app and discover surprises together! Get ready to discover a world of surprises with Furby Connect! When this Furby Connect friend gets an update from the Furby Connect World app and the antenna glows, that means there’s something new to discover in the app! 


When I returned home on Saturday night our little furball was tucked up on MY bed (yep my bed) with his eye mask on snoozing away – So cute!
So needless to say I felt guilty when having to leave this little fella behind while we went out to our Sunday event, Hayden wanted to take him so bad.
He asked for a cuddle (He actually said it) and got one from his new BFF!


Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

  • Furby Connect is Bluetooth enabled, providing your Furby with an internal year-round clock. Furby now knows if it’s Christmas Day, Easter or Valentine’s Day
  • Furby’s mood changes, from happy to sad, to scared, to excited – each Furby is unique
  • Interact with Furby by petting, tickling or shaking Furby – you can play with Furby straight out of the box and he’ll show off more than 150 expressive animations via the LCD eyes, ears and light-up antenna
  • Connect your Furby with the Furby Connect World app, allowing you to feed him, play games or take Furby to the toilet
  • The Furby Connect World app keeps Furby updated and brings in new entertainment from across the internet every week that Furby learns to interact with
  • You can also raise and level up Furblings from within the app
  • What’s more, with the included Sleep Mask, Furby now sleeps through the night!


I cant wait to get a better look at this little guys along with the app. If I don’t reply to your emails or social media messages this is because I’m busy getting to know the newest member of our family. Why not follow along with the conversation on Twitter via the hashtag #FurbyConnect.

Did you have Furby?
Are you planning on getting a new one?


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. I had the original Furby as a kid and wow how things have changed with an app and everything! The eye mask sounds like a great addition too – my furby used to make noises through the night!

  2. I remember when furbies were a craze last time around, seems technology has finally caught back up with them x

  3. I loved my furby, It was like having a pet but without having to walk it or feed it, haha! Crazy how they have come back into fashion, especially since there’s so much more technology now. It’s nice though, going back to nostalgic toys.

  4. I used to be obsessed with furbies!!! Literally obsessed! I loved them 🙂

  5. Wow. The furby has changed so much since I was younger. It’s kinda cool to see how it’s evolved with technology xo

  6. I am so excited about the new Furby. He sounds adorable and so interactive. I have 2 little girls that would love him to join our family

  7. I would actually love to have a furby but one child is too old for one and the other too young. …so I’ll have to wait

  8. How cute is this! It looks like so much fun too.

  9. I loved furbys growing up!! I saw these in the shop recently and really wanted to get one for my two boys however the price is just way too expensive for one toy for me!

  10. These new ones look less scary than the one I used to have!