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When you have your first child, there’s a steep learning curve.  While you tick off your baby’s ‘firsts’, you’re doing the same for yourself: first time breast-feeding, first-time bathing a baby, first time decorating a nursery!? And where do you start when you’ve never done it before? Here’s what I learnt about putting together a functional and beautiful nursery in a small living space, which has also prepared me for baby number two.

We tend to not plan far ahead enough when we have a baby and think of the now because we’re so in the moment and super excited. Ask yourself some of these questions: Do you know the gender of your baby? Will you have more kids in the future? Will you be decorating the room from scratch or will you merge old and new furniture together? By answering some of these questions you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and plan better for your little one and future little ones.

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The looks of the room can really alter the mood and atmosphere within. Forget blue for a boy and pink for a girl; research has actually shown that pale yellow is the perfect nursery wall colour, promoting awareness and sensitivity. Other colours you could consider are a pale sage green or soft orange for a similar effect. Not to mention with all the moving and decorating you’d be better off with scratch resistant vinyl flooring so that you don’t have to worry about damaging the beautiful floor or making a mess.

The baby’s cot is essential, and it’s worth planning this ahead to make sure you find the best and most durable cot in your budget. It can be a good investment if you plan on having more children, or if it can be used as a bed when they’re older.

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Your comfort is so important; its as much your room as it is theirs. You’ll be the one sitting up feeding and soothing, so a good nursing chair will help your posture and comfort. Gliding chairs have a smooth motion and a footrest and are extremely popular for mum’s with newborns.

A changing table should be next on your list. The size you get will be dependant on the size of your nursery but if you’re fortunate to live in comfortable and spacious apartments with a lot of space you’re laughing really.. If it’s a small room, go for a foldaway table, which can be fitted to the wall. But if you do have the space, go for a standalone table; these often have extra storage space underneath for all your nappies and supplies.

Whatever type you get, make sure you’ve got a few dotted around the house; you do not want to be running back up to the nursery every time they need a change.

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You have no idea how important it is to create a calming atmosphere in the nursery, until you’re there in the small hours each day trying to soothe your baby back to sleep. Make sure you have natural light in the room; put wooden casement windows in which can be opened slightly to let fresh air in, but can also be locked safely shut.

It is important to secure dressers, changing tables, shelves and other furniture to the wall. While not a threat at the newborn stage, a toddling baby could pull furniture over, potentially causing serious injury. Attach them to the wall with either a nylon strap or an L bracket – This usually comes with he furniture if not a quick trip to B&Q will to the trick.

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Get Inspired
Finally, Inspiration is key. When doing anything we always look for a bit of inspiration to help get the creative juices flowing. You can find so many interior style blogs on the internet to get ideas off and help you achieve your desired look. Why not make a mood board or browse Pinterest with your partner, best friend or family member – that way you can bounce ideas off each other and have a whole load of fun with it.

Follow this checklist, and you just might get an extra moment asleep each night.
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  1. I love the monochrome and minimalist look for nurseries, so I’m constantly looking for stylish ways to design a nursery of this aesthetic http://www.whiitelist.com/2016/09/6-stylish-ways-to-decorate-minimalist.html?m=1 I mostly end up using different textures and shades.