Designer wedding dresses vs the High Street

High street shops are increasingly trying to cash in on a trend for brides to save money on their bridal gown by offering budget wedding dresses.

There’s no doubt that many of these chain stores have done a lot right by offering a stylish bridal gown at an impressive price but are they worth the money?

For many brides, their wedding day is the culmination of months of planning and they have, in the vast majority of cases, had a firm idea of what their wedding dress will look like.


This means the researching of wedding dress designers and then visiting bridal boutiques to try on their dresses is part of the build-up to a wedding and it’s something that many brides look forward to and do not want to miss.

High street stores do not offer this level of quality service with experienced staff offering their expertise to ensure the bride finds their dream wedding dress.

It’s also important when choosing a wedding dress to appreciate how the bride will look from all angles for when they walk down the aisle so that the dress looks impressive to everyone looking at it and they get to appreciate the bride’s style and elegance.

Depending on the store used, the bride’s budget and the style of dress they are looking for, there’s also the huge potential for someone else to turn up in either the same or very similar outfit. This would indeed really the bride’s big day.

It’s unlikely that someone would find a designer wedding dress in a similar style that a guest would wear to the wedding.


The other consideration is that while the promotional images for budget wedding dresses are impressive, it’s important that the bride tries on the gown to ensure it’s a comfortable fit and looks as good on her as it does in the photographs. This is not always the case.

It’s also for this reason that brides who opt to buy a designer wedding dress will be trying on their gown several times to ensure that the fit and the creation itself is perfect.

The trend for buying budget wedding dresses will undoubtedly continue but when it comes to finding a unique creation that will impress and be a timeless piece of fashion means using the talent and skills of a designer over the high street creations.

For some the difference in price between the dresses will be apparent but ultimately it’s the choice of the bride who will be the centre of attention and no one needs to know that they opted for a budget bridal gown for their big day.



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