London Southbank #EyePoppingDaysOut – Amazing Fun For Kids and Adult

Hey you lovely lot.
It’s been a while since I’ve hopped on the old blog to give you guys the low down on what we’ve been up too – I’m still here and was getting up to a fair bit over the last couple of months so I’m going to start with our trip to the London Southbank with The London Eye and their Eye Popping Days Out. 

Our Day Out

We were invited out to see what Summer fun the London Southbank had to offer for kids and adults and wasn’t disappointed at all. Our first stop was a ride on the Shrek Adventures talking donkey rides. Hayden had never had the privilege of being so close to a donkey before let along stroking, feeding and riding one I mean three. 
I had no idea that the donkeys were going to be real life donkeys before going to the event so that was a pretty nice little surprise. I wanted to take one home, they we’re adorable.

They wanted to bring an old school beach feel to the Southbank in terms of the Donkey rides and I think it totally worked. The kids loved it, it was amazing to see the donkeys and they looked so well looked after.

Southbank 1 Southbank 2 Southbank 3 Southbank 4 Southbank 5

Our next stop was The London Eye we had visited the London Eye the summer before for the first time and had an amazing experience it was nice to be so high up and see the beauties of London especially on such a lovely day too. With living in London all my life sometimes I forget how beautiful this city actually is and it looks so cool from such a hight. It’s nice to take a min and appreciate our little city.

Thank you so much London Eye for the amazing experience.
It will never fail to amaze me – Highly recommended (no pun intended)

Southbank 6 Southbank 7 Southbank 8 Southbank 9

Our fun didn’t stop there… In all honestly I have found it difficult to leave the house most days but I find that once I’m out I feel so much better, so we decided to explore the Southbank and see what else it had to offer after the event was over. We sat in the sun and enjoyed the shows – Hayden LOVES watching people ride their bikes doing tricks (Thanks YouTube) so he was impressed with a little live show of two guys taking part in some pretty awesome tricks.

There is also a massive merry-go-round which you simply can’t avoid and why should you? So we had to have a ride obviously – I love seeing my little 4-year-old happy & it’s the smallest of things that can do so.
See the photo below of him holding on for dear life!

Southbank 10P1210163

We ended our Southbank adventures with a lovely lunch, It was an early start for us so as we headed back to Waterloo station I spotted a cute hidden treasure near the station called Black & Blue. They didn’t have a children’s menu but they were more than welcoming to us. It was a complete breeze finding out if their foods has any allergens Hayden was allergic too. Both waiters were more than accommodating to our needs. This always makes going out to eat a lot more pleasant when the staff are understanding of allergies.

Please excuse the toilet selfie, but its a must when out these days.

Southbank 12 Southbank 13 Southbank 11 Southbank 14


We had an amazing day out thanks to The London Eye, we cant wait to see you guys again.
Roll on next year… Should defiantly be a yearly event for us now.


Disclosure: We were invited out for the purpose of this event by The London Eye – The trip on The London Eye was courtesy of them. 
All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own.



Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. What a great event! Looks like you had a lot of fun.

  2. Looks great fun – I used to love donkey rides when I was little x

  3. Looks like you all had a great time! I braved my fear of heights this year by going on the london eye!

  4. I have been on London Eye many years ago. Loved it.

  5. looks like a great day out! its been years since I’ve been to London 🙂

  6. I’ve been on the London eye before and loved it. Would love to go again!

  7. I’m terrified of taking Mini Me 1 on the London Eye as I can just imagine her initial excitement turning to begging to get off halfway up and the tears to go with it… although I could be underestimating her and she could love it completely!

    I have always loved Southbank as an adult but never thought of it as a day trip with the Mini Me’s so will definitely consider it during the half term.

  8. Aw such gorgeous photos, it looks like you had an amazing summer!