What Decade Does Your Language Belong To?

Who doesn’t love a good fun quiz?
I’ve got one to share with you from SunLife – What’s your language age? Over the years the english language has adapted & evolved so much. When I was growing up Hello could be said in so many ways like Hi, Hello, Wagwan, Sup’, What you saying or even a simple nod of acknowledgment. I always thought it was funny that you were so in tune with whats going on around you, you’d know when it was appropriate to say to someone Hello and Wagwan. I suppose it was also down to culture too and where about in England you grew up.

This SunLife quiz is to determine just how old your language actually is. All you have to do is answer the multiple choice questions and find out what decade your language belongs to.

One of the questions:
Q. What do you say if you’re feeling nosy?
– Alreet?
– What’s the deal?
– What’s the tale, nightingale?
– What’s crackalackin’?
– What’s happening?
– What’s buzzin’?

They are hilarious! Obviously I picked What’s happening? … But slyly wanted to pick What’s crackalacking? just for the fun of it. Come on, I know you’ve said that once or twice in your lifetime. I can’t lie in some instances I could have chosen more than one option so I suppose I may have gotten a different result but I chose what I would say more then another.

Here are my top 5 slang words that everyone should know regardless of your decade 

  1. Mate
    ‘Mate’ – one of the commonly used terms of endearment and affection in British slang terms. Used when you are talking to a close friend, and is often easily substituted for the American ‘buddy’, ‘pal’, or ‘dude’.For example, ‘Alright, mate?’ or ‘What’s going on mate?”
  2. Gutted
    ‘Gutted’ – a British slang term that is one of the saddest on the lists in terms of pure contextual emotion. To be ‘gutted’ about a situation means to be devastated and saddened.For example, ‘I’m gutted we’re out of the European Union- Just saying”
  3. Lost the plot
    ‘Lost the plot’ is one that can actually be discerned by examining the words themselves. To ‘lose the plot’ can mean either to become angry and/or exasperated to a fault, or in a derogatory. It can also mean someone who has become irrational and/or acting ridiculously.For example, ‘I think the whole British government has lost the plot.’


I took the SunLife quiz and my results are as followed:

“Sweet! You nailed it with your language. Hugely inspired by texting your communication is in some cases just a matter of letters. Thnx 4 doing th quiz c u l8r lol.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 10.43.57 am

I think the result is funny considering I am a decade older then 20 but I do sometimes talk how I would have when I was younger. But to be honest I would rather text then talk on the phone, is anyone else like this? Or even better whatsapp – I can’t remember the last time I sent a text like that HAHA thought.

Take The SunLife Quiz Here


Thnx 4 readn dis blog post c u l8rz init lol

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  1. This is such a fun quiz, I am tempted to try it even though alas I am Scottish ha


  2. haha I’m 20 and I came up with 20 as the result haha it was a fun quiz!