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We’ve joined forces with DFS in their DFS #SOFAMOMENTS campaign and for as long as I can remember we’ve had our sofa – It’s an oldie but a goody. It’s a 4 peice set a big 3 seater and 2 single seater. The name of the sofa is actually called Charlotte, I’m pretty sure it’s a coincidence that my parents chose a sofa set with the same name as me but I find it hilarious. I love my name so its a plus really.

We spend nearly every evening on the sofa from watching the evening News, TV Shows or Movies on SKY or bingeing on original series on NETFLIX on the iPad/apple TV. It’s the hub for us to bond together over entertainment (our favourite)




My personal favourite #SofaMoments would have to be snuggling up on the sofa and watching a good box set like I did with SKY Atlantic’s The Tunnel … It was hard to peel me from the sofa in the evening after Hayden was in bed. I wanted to watch episode after episode – Thats when you know you’re watching something amazing right!? Hayden is just like his mummy, if I can’t hear him playing I know he’s snuggled up on the sofa watching something on the TV or playing on his iPad we even have two massive blankets that keep us warmer in those winter blanks . It’s great when you have comfortable sofas as the front room is usual the hub of the house when family gather and chill out. 

I would love to know what your favourite sofa moments are.

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I have teamed up with DFS Sofas with this #SofaMoments campaign to offer our lovely readers a chance to win £150 Love2Shop vouchers. To be in with a chance of winning the £150 Love2Shop Vouchers all you have to do is complete the rafflecopter entries below. The more you complete the better chances you have in winning.
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Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. Brilliant giveaway! How exciting!! 🙂 xx

  2. Oops just gone to enter and the first entry is a comment hehe! My favourite sofa moment is snuggling up with my babies to watch a movie #SofaMoments x

  3. My favourite #sofamoments are snuggling up to watch a movie with my kids

  4. Best sofa moment was last year, after 8 years of being told we couldn’t have children, sitting down last January on the sofa and telling my husband …..We are Pregnant, was amazing x

  5. #SofaMoments is sitting there with my dog, eating crisps & watching TV.

  6. #SofaMoments christmas when when all the kids sit on the sofa and I hand out the pressies one by one…and when I first had my kids and cuddled them on the sofa for the first time

  7. count me in we enjoy sofa moments in the winter with the duvet x

  8. Carolynn Woodland

    Curling up on the sofa when my husband came out of hospital, just so happy to have him back home

  9. my #SofaMoment is a personal journey i have been on since my baby girl was born. our new dfs sofa arrived when is was 38 weeks pregnant & compared with the old one this new sofa was like sinking into a marshmallow with my spd and swollen feet – it was bliss! Well for the next few months i almost felt like i haven’t moved! breastfeeding my baby girl has been incredible but also hard hard work with Eva having tongue tie, so i must have spent hours sat on it!! It will be a time i will never forget though & not she is 8 months nearly and we still have our morning feed together here before the rest of the house wakes 🙂

  10. Andrea Fletcher

    Watching a good film with my family on a cold winters day.

  11. My #SofaMoments memory is watching Hammer House of Horror films late at night with my brother after finishing work.

  12. #sofa moment finding a fiver down the back!

  13. My favourite Sofa Moment was when my niece was brought home from hospital a few days after her birth. It was my Mum’s Birthday, and she was sitting next to me on the sofa holding her first Grandchild. A Delightful time.

  14. Anthony Harrington

    my #SofaMoments is snuggling on the sofa with my 2 Border Collies, this in reality means that they let me squeeze in on the end, but even so, it is cozy and my fav time of the day!

  15. My favourite #SofaMoment is sitting snuggled up with my four children and dog watching a movie! A bowl of popcorn on the table and we are set for the evening!

  16. My favourite sofa moment is curling up on the sofa, in front of the fire, with a glass of wine and a good book

  17. My favourite sofa moment is when we came back from a few weeks camping, being in our late fifties we were beginning to ache, when we walked in our home, we kicked off our shoes and both layed down on the sofa and that where we stayed all evening, it was so nice to have comfort

  18. #SofaMoments kicking of my shoes after a long day at work and watching a film

  19. It was back in 2003 when England won the Rugby World cup. There was plenty of lager consumed that day.

  20. Mine has to be from this morning. Lamb came downstairs and his baby brother was asleep on the sofa. He walked straight up to him and gave him a kiss and cuddle and said good morning. Priceless xx

  21. Leanne V McKenna

    My favourite #SofaMoment is when it’s just me and my husband, lights dimmed, good movie on, wine and a big bowl of popcorn. Bliss!

  22. snuggling up with my kids with wine popcorn and a good film

  23. One that really stands out in my mind was when Noah was a few weeks old, it was Christmas time and Nick and I were sat on the sofa, watching Christmas films and Noah was fast asleep on my chest. Up until that point I had never felt so content #SofaMoments

  24. #SofaMoment is chilling with the cat watching football

  25. #SofaMoments snuggled up with my wife and daughter watching tv

  26. just sleeping

  27. My #SofaMoment was when we bought our first house last year. We moved our furniture over and finally sat down after a long day, for the first time in our own home 🙂 x

  28. My favourite sofa moment would be christmas eve, when everyone has on new pjs and we all sit together watching a christmas film with hot chocolate and treats.

  29. My favourite #SofaMoments would be watching a movie, with some snacks at hand and a nice drink.

  30. #sofamoment when I went into unexpected labour 2 weeks early and my husband had to deliver my daughter on the sofa ! Everything went smoothly thank goodness but it was a moment that will study with us forever , my daughter is 5 now and she loves to tell people that she was born on the sofa that we still have ! Lol

  31. melanie stirling

    My favourite #SofaMoments were when the boys were small,they used to sit either side of me and we used to watch their favourite tv programs together.It always felt so warm and snuggly.

  32. #SofaMoment – being too comfortable to get up for the remote then realising it’s right next to you. Bliss!

  33. My favourite #SofaMoment was on the 29th July 1981, when my husband and I sat watching the Royal Wedding with our new baby boy, having literally just arrived home from hospital with him. It was especially wonderful as I had spent the previous 4 weeks on the same sofa in pain, and hardly able to move.

  34. snuggling with the kids whilst watching a movie

  35. We had a family movie night where we all slept downstairs on the sofas after watching a movie together – the kids loved it and keep asking to do it again! #sofamoment

  36. Chrissie Curtis

    My Favourite #SofaMoment has to be when we moved into our first home together. It was stressful and tiring as we were starting from scratch and didn’t have much money – We got our Sofa very cheap from a local Facebook group and after a hectic few weeks once we had finally moved in and unpacked we sat on the Sofa, Ordered a Take Away and Just cuddled up and relaxed together full of excitement and relief! It was kind of perfect and the Sofa is still our favorite place to relax and catch up with loved ones.

  37. my favourite sofa moment is when we came home from hospital after a c-section i sat there on the sofa, my other half put my daughter on me and we just sat there quietly as a family, it was such an amazing feeling.

  38. Marianne Daniels

    Mine all kind of run together, that’s what makes them so special. They form a part of the fabric of our family, just sitting together, watching films, chatting, sewing, reading and sharing what we’ve read…

  39. #SofaMoment getting cuddles from my fur babies .. you can’t beat them memories

  40. My #SofaMoment is having Grandchildren for sleepovers. We take a walk/run through the Nature Park, back to Grannys. Snuggle up on sofa with popcorn, hot chocolate and a DVD. Most importantly lots of Granny cuddles 😀

  41. I love Friday nights on the sofa with my husband and children – so lovely to spend time with them x

  42. My favourite sofa moments are watching movies with my husband snuggled up in the winter.

  43. sofamoments- my kitten sleeping on me! 🙂 he’s a bit older now, and not so easily persuaded, but it’s great when it happens.

  44. Curled up on a snowy day with a throw and cuddling my daughter

  45. best #SofaMoments are curled up on the sofa under a blanket , cuddling up watching a film

  46. My #SofaMoment is snuggling up with my special boy with lots of hugs, kisses, a family film, a glass of wine (just for me!) and a box of chocolates to share – perfection!

  47. Kayleigh-Anne Watkins

    Our #SofaMoments are sat down with our children watching a film, with pizza hut takeaway, then snuggling up with snacks after food, nothing better than snuggles with my princess aged 3 and Prince aged 11, it’s the only time he will cuddle me, he’s to “old” to cuddle me in public bless him xxx

  48. My #sofamoment is at 6pm when I took the kids up in bed and then it’s relaxing with my dressing gown on soaps and nothing better than a comfortable settee to relax on 🙂

  49. Bridget Akinbolaji

    My #SofaMoment is snuggling up with the kids reading our favourite stories when it’s raining outside

  50. Anything as long as it’s in a reclining position.

  51. Natalie McDermott

    My favourite #sofamoment is sitting and reading to my son with a big cosy throw over our laps.

  52. It’s surprising how many #SOFAMOMENTS probably happen on the trusty family sofa. Something you don’t really consider special in the grand scheme of things, but it’s where my cuddle my children, fed them as babies, cried with them/for them, listened to them. I think one of my most special moments was gathering the children together on the sofa to tell them that for Christmas, mummy’s present was a baby in her tummy. I’ll never forget that #SofaMoment

  53. Cara Bemrose-williams

    My favourite #SofaMoment is snuggling up with my boys for story time

  54. My favourite #SofaMoment is on a friday night when i come home from work and snuggle up with my boyfriend and enjoy a takeaway and catch up with googglebox.

  55. My #SofaMoment was sitting with my newborn daughter and husband when we first brought her home from the hospital.

  56. #SofaMoment cuddling up with my girlfriend on the sofa and watching old Hollywood movies

  57. My favourite #SofaMoments are always cuddled up on the sofa with my Fiance with a nice hot chocolate after a day in the hills

  58. my memorable #SofaMoment was last week when my daughter came home from hospital and we all sat snuggled on the sofa watching films and eating popcorn, it was pretty cool.

  59. A long Sunday afternoon binge watching a box set while it’s raining outside!

  60. My favourite sofa moments are snuggling up with the family to watch a movie

  61. #SofaMoments Some of the good films we have watched while relaxing on the sofa.

  62. It’s probably quite simple and generic but my favourite sofa moments are those when we’re just snuggled up on the sofa watching crap tv or a movie, having just finished tea and can just relax for the rest of the evening

  63. We were sitting on the sofa I was about 21-22 weeks pregnant. My twins were around 4.5 years old at that time and were hugging my tummy. The baby started kicking for the first time. At first they were petrified and could not believe there was a “real” baby moving in my tummy. The more they giggled the more she would kick priceless #sofamoments

  64. Lorraine Polley

    my #sofamoment is sitting drinking hot chocolate and eating breakfast after a 12hr night shift

  65. Anytime I have a book in one hand and coffee/wine in the other is my perfect #SofaMoment

  66. Snuggling on the sofa with ny boyfriend while watching a good chick flick xx

  67. My favourite #SofaMoment was coming out if hospital with 3 day Oliver & relaxing on the sofa. His nan decided to change his nappy and he peed straight into her face! I nearly laughed my c section stitches out! 🙂

  68. Watching my 4 children cuddled on the sofa together after we bought our youngest home from hospital and knowing that I had everything I ever needed right there in front of me xx

  69. My most memorable moments have got to be lying on the couch with my newborn! Now he is a year and it’s odd having him sat on the couch too!

  70. kirsty szekeres

    I always remember feeling cosy when I was about 6, my mum would pull the sofa nearer to the coal fire and we would snuggle under a duvet and watch tv 🙂

  71. felicity williams

    my favourite #sofamoment is cuddling up on the sofa watching a family movie supping hot chocolate 😀

  72. Oh we LOVE #Sofamoments! We often have a sofa day especially if it is raining outdoors (like today!) I prepared some snacks! we lye on the sofa watching movies! If we have the duvet down we cover the sofa and pretend it is a tent!
    Awesome fun 🙂

  73. Like many families, we lead a really hectic and full life. Our sofa has seen it all, the drama of my waters breaking whilst watching a film, quiet contemplation whilst reading books together or feeding my babies and lots of jumping about during happy moments.

    But my favourite #sofamoment without a doubt is when we all come together at the end of a long day, pop on a movie or bust out a card game (trumps is the current favourite) and we’re together and relaxed. Happy Days 🙂

  74. My favourite sofa moment is at the end of the day, knowing all the work has been done. All of us watching a movie. Sometimes with a glass of red wine. Just the feeling of wellbeing is great.

  75. My favourite #sofamoment was when me and my boyfriend were watching TV on an ordinary evening (eating a shepherds pie if I remember correctly!) when he got down on one knee and proposed 🙂 this was in 2011 and we are now Mr & Mrs!

  76. my fave#Sofamoments is watching rubbish on a Saturday night with my boyfriend and stepdaughter. Anything goes and tackier the better on a Saturday night. Wind down time.

  77. my favourite #sofamoment . The first night I came home with my baby. We had been stuck in hospital for a week after birth, as I had to have a blood transfusion. The first night home my husband insisted on sleeping on the sofa with out son in his Moses basket. He had missed the first week of being with baby and waking up with baby in the morning and saying goodnight. This was his moment to be together. I walked through during the night to check on them both and they were fast asleep close to each other

  78. My favourite #SofaMoment has to be the day I brought my little girl home for the very first time. I remember getting home from the hospital exhausted and settling down on the sofa. My little boy came over for cuddles and to meet his new little sister and we were all snuggling on the sofa. It was then I looked across and realised my little family was complete and pretty darn awesome!! Love special #SofaMoments.

  79. My favourite #SofaMoment is when me and my hubbie are having a Sofa Date – we snuggle under the blanket, scoff comfort food from bowls, drink cold crisp cider and rent a film to watch. We don’t need to go out to have a lovely night together 🙂

  80. Sitting with my Grannie whilst she babysat me in 1979..she let me stay up to watch ‘The Muppets’ #SofaMoments

  81. Every Sunday in winter when my lovely wife and I cuddle up on the sofa and watch the Premier League football after a Sunday roast diner!

  82. My favourite #SofaMoment ‘s are when me and the kids all get on to watch a film. At 17, 16 and 12 it is quite a squash to get us all on comfortably, but it means we’re packed in like sardines and I love it because it always ends up in laughter. It’s a special time to have all four of us together and makes me really happy ☺️

  83. Watching films with my family, from growing up all the years, still a lovely thing to do!


    Curling up on the sofa on a cold winters night in front of the fire

  85. The sofa moment i’ll never forget is giving birth to my daughter with my head buried in our sofa & then holding her for the first time while sitting on it. Don’t think i’ll ever be able to get rid of this sofa – too many memories!

  86. Cuddling up with my dog after a long walk.

  87. #sofamoments has to be waking up and seeing my partner feeding my new 2 day old baby net to me… i was in shock as i totally forgot i had a baby but then when it sunk in i cried with happiness haha

  88. Snuggling up with my husband after we finally get the baby to bed at night!

  89. big cuddles with the children

  90. My favourite #sofamoments are when I visit my twin sister and we sit and watch a film together on Netflix with chocolte and a glass of wine 🙂 It reminds me of when we were little and we used to sit and watch Disney movies together, singing all the songs

  91. My favourite #sofamoments are when my boys are tired and want to cuddle up in front of a cartoon.

  92. My favourite #SofaMoments are Christmas every year. We had 2 sofas and would put presents for each daughter on a sofa. They would take it in turns to open a present, then put them back on the sofa and we would take a photo of them all

  93. i love getting home from work and snuggling on the settee in my pjs with a glass of wine watching the fish swim around the fish tank, very relaxing

  94. simply love duvet dyds with the kids

  95. Cuddling up with my boyfriend, watching a movie and eating popcorn 🙂

  96. My favourite Sofa Moment was finally relaxing on our first ever sofa, after having to sit on the floor for months!

  97. My favourite #sofamoments are cuddling up with my family for movie nights

  98. My most memorable #Sofamoment was watching all three Lord of the Rings films in one go!

  99. #SofaMoments movie night with the kids, popcorn and lots of giggles!

  100. My favourite #SofaMoment is cuddled up with my kids and a big stack of books having story time together. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  101. I loved the days when I could snuggle up with my daughter to feed her, then her falling fast asleep

  102. The whole family sitting together watching the World Cup. What a feeling!!!

    Thanks for an incredible giveaway.

  103. One of my favourite sofa moments was my husband feeling our baby move for the first time <3

  104. Rachel McMillan

    Love having a cuddle of the sofa with my girls

  105. Snuggling with the hubby, 2 kids and 5 cats with a blanket, popcorn and a good film! Bliss!!

  106. Sitting with one of my beautiful children either side of me – takeaway on our laps (a real treat as we always sit at the dining table) watching a new DVD

  107. My favourite #sofamoment was holding hands with my boyfriend for the first time..now he is my husband and we love a good cwtch and a movie on the sofa 🙂

  108. Beky Austerberry

    I opted for a home birth with my second child and ended up giving birth to her on the sofa (11 years ago now). It was a magical moment and so personal. #sofamoment

  109. My fave #sofamoment is when i have the house to myself for an hour, a cuppa and a nice book with my feet up on the sofa cuddling my dogs. Bliss!

  110. When it get to the last hour/ half hour before bedtime and my 5 year old will come and snuggle with me because hes sleepy, doesn’t happen that often any more!

  111. Every sunday is my favourite #SofaMoment Myself, 4 children hubby and 2 dogs pile on the sofas under blankets with snacks and drinks and pop a movie on and snuggle! Love it

  112. Watching Wales win their first ever Euro championship football match!! So proud x

  113. from the sofa in our holiday rental in the Lake District watching the sun set over the hills was amazing. I wish we lived there.

  114. My Favourite #SofaMoment is when my friends come round & catch up on all the gossip 🙂

  115. staying in and watching a good film with a glass of wine

  116. Rachel Butterworth

    Holding my newborn nephew for the first time on my little brother’s sofa.

  117. My fave sofa moments are the rare occasion where my whirlwind 3 year old falls asleep snuggled in to me

  118. My favourite #sofamoment is snuggling up with my grandsons after a busy day to read their favourite stories

  119. Sitting with my little daughter on my knee watching The Lion King video again and again

  120. With the grandchildren watching Thomas tank, he causes confusion and delay

  121. My favourite #sofamoment was snuggling up with my kids on Christmas Eve watching Christmas movies together.

  122. my favourite #SofaMoment is just after i’ve given the kids a bath and put them in their pjs, we snuggle on the sofa and i read them a story. it’s just so calm and peaceful. i love it

  123. My favourite #SofaMoment is when I went home after having my baby girl a few weeks ago and my firstborn sang Rock a bye baby to her whilst we all had a cuddle!

  124. My fav #sofamoments is alone with my book and a stash of chocolate nearby

  125. Family movie night on Friday evenings with popcorn!!

  126. love cuddling up to my little dog on the sofa and watching the tv

  127. Caroline Cordery

    My favourite #SofaMoment was when my partner fell asleep with a glass of red wine in his hand and jerked and snorted awake, dramatically throwing the contents over the new sofa last Christmas day.

  128. Pam Francis Gregory

    My favourite #SofaMoments is when I get to snuggle up to hubby to watch a romcom!

  129. I’ll immediately snatch your rss as I can not to find your e-mail subscription hyperlink or newsletter service.

    Do you’ve any? Kindly let me realize so that I may subscribe.

  130. My favourite memorable #SofaMoment is when my girl friends come over & we have a takeaway, wine & a good catch up on all the local gossip 🙂

  131. #sofamoments my fave sofa moment is chilled nights at tv with my fiance and 13 week old daughter

  132. My favourite memorable #SofaMoments was after being delayed in the Gambia in Banjul airport for 42 hours no air conditioning & nowhere to sit, arriving home and sitting downI emitted a loud sigh of relief

  133. #SofaMoments watching xmas films on the sofa with my family on xmas eve

  134. #SofaMoments is Sunday when we havent got anything to do, close the blinds, make pickie bits to eat and watch movies all day

  135. Best sofa moments for me are alone, total peace and quiet, a bit of trash TV a cup of coffee and a bar of chocolate. Pure bliss.

  136. My favourite sofa moment is the first time my hubby was a sleep on the sofa with my baby son on top of him, so cute! x

  137. One of my favourite #sofamoments goes back to when I was a child. I was hanging upside down on the sofa when my parents won £10 on the first ever lottery draw and I became convinced that I’d somehow brought them luck by hanging upside down lol.

  138. michelle speight

    cuddled up with my 2 dogs n 4 kids yes we have a big sofa haha

  139. My #sofamoment is when my littke girl and myself, are on the sofa watching peppa pig. Even tho she is very annoying at times, my little girls face lights up when she sees her

  140. My favourite #sofamoment is having a cwtch with my daughter after work 🙂

  141. My favourite #sofamoment is cuddling up with my puppy in the winter, he’s so warm and cosy.

    @smeethsaysfashn on twitter

  142. Louise McAskill

    Pulling all the cushions off, putting them in a big pile in the middle of the room and playing “cushion mountain” with my 3 small people. So much fun x

  143. #SofaMoments snuggling up on the sofa while hubby reads to me

  144. Our sofamoments were non existant before the arrival of my Son back in Feb 16. Now it’s a place associated with family time and bonding with our gorgeous little cherub. From nursing to cuddles, games and reading stories, we’ve created many special memories on our sofa x

  145. #SofaMoments watching a epic movie waiting for a yummy takeaway 🙂

  146. my son snuggling up to me watching a good film #SofaMoments

  147. Love snuggled up on the sofa at the weekend with my daughter and partner watching movies eating popcorn and loads of munchies

  148. My very favourite #SofaMoments has to be snuggled up with my son watching films or playing cards

  149. Anthea Holloway

    My favourite #SofaMoments are after Christmas lunch when we all snuggle up on the sofa with the grandchildren and try to stay awake and play some games!

  150. My favourite #SofaMoments are when I’m home alone and have the whole sofa to myself – I can lay on it with a glass of wine, some chocolate and a book or watch a chic flick

  151. my fav #SofaMoment when my husband to be back then and I were cuddling on a sofa whilst watching a film or tv series

  152. I have spent a lot of time on our sofa over the past year with my baby boy… Many sleepless nights working out what was making him poorly. But sitting in the corner, breastfeeding my son and then him falling asleep on me will be my lasting memory of this time, comfy sofas are a must when u have a cluster feeding baby.

  153. when my husband fell asleep cuddling with our baby son when we first brought him home, beautiful moment

  154. #SofaMoments is snuggling up with my partner and our gorgeous puppy watching a film

  155. #sofamoment My Hubs proposed to me on our old sofa…the romantic so and so!

  156. It is when we all (2 Adults, 2 Kids, 1 Dog, 1 Puppy & 1 Cat) all curl up on the sofa.

  157. Christmas time watching a good rom com on the sofa in PJs snuggled up to my partner with a hot chocolate!

  158. My favourite #sofamoments are when we are reading to our daughter.


    My favourite #sofamoment was watching Gremlins with our Connor who was about 4 at the time – he started sobbing at Gizmo having to leave Billy and go back to live with the Chinese man. He was heart broke – was so cute though! Still a memory that I love!

  160. Reading a good book curled up on the sofa

  161. Terrie-Ann Wright

    My favourite #SofaMoments are in an evening when we have had our tea and baths, and my husband has belly time. He sits and talks to my baby bump and feels our little boy moving around. I love that he is doing all he can to bond with our son before he’s here.

  162. Cuddling up with my son

  163. Settling down with the family to watch a great film.

  164. My favourite #SofaMoments are when everyone is at home and we are watching a family film with lots of nibbles and a cheeky glass or two of wine for me.

  165. My favourite #sofamoment is sitting down after Sunday dinner and watching a family film 🙂

  166. My absolute favourite #SofaMoment is checking the lottery numbers and discovering I’ve had a nice little win 🙂

  167. My favourite #SofaMoments was cuddling up to my lovely niece for the first time at home. She was born extremely prematurely at 24 weeks so it was a wonderful day when she came home ! x

  168. I love #SofaMoments with my cat Indy and my Boyfriend enjoying the new series of Wayward Pines

  169. My fave #sofamoment is on snowy Winter evenings snuggled up to my husband in front of a movie with a box of chocs

  170. Tracey S Anderson

    My very favourite #SofaMoment of all time was when i came out of hospital after almost losing my life and being in a coma for 3 days and being able to snuggle up to my two children and husband once again which is something that i nor they thought possible at one stage. A very memorable #SofaMoment indeed 🙂 X x

  171. My favourite #sofamoment is just finishing after a long 60hr working week and flopping on the sofa with a nice rum and coke knowing that I can now relax for a few days

  172. #sofamoment getting home from work after 12 hour shift and a cuddle with the kids

  173. Friday movie nights are my fave #SofaMoment, popcorn, a family movie and my 2 fave boys

  174. Watching a film snuggled up with my husband

  175. watching movies with the family #SOFAMOMENT

  176. it has to be 29 years ago when i was younger and dating my boyfriend Les at the time (my now husband) and we were sat snuggled up on the sofa together watching a film, when he turned to me and asked me to marry him…well I said yes of course and we still love to snuggle together on the sofa now to watch films together

  177. We have sofa moments in work when it’s someone’s birthday. They are full of embarrassing stories. Awesome

  178. #SofaMoments Finding my daughters £40 leapreader pen (she lost a day after getting) a year later inside the sofa!

  179. my favourite sofa moment is a Friday or Saturday night, kids in bed, snuggled up with my hubby, a good film, bottle of vino and a takeaway

  180. Allan Fullarton

    Curling up on the sofa and watching film with the other half.

  181. Snuggled on the sofa watching tv with a box of chocs

  182. When my boyfriend and I moved in together and finally had all of the boxes in and we were chilling on the sofa with a glass of wine was great 🙂

  183. Kate Sabin-Burns

    story time cuddled up with my little one

  184. my #sofamoment is sat with the coal fire roaring sat with my daughter cuddled in a blanket. next minute knock on door and 12 firemen come in leaving their 2 fire engines outside. We had a chimney fire

  185. #SofaMoments . Boiling cup of coffee spilt over my wedding tackle . I screamed like a lass who’d had her dollie nicked.

  186. I love cuddling up with the kids on the sofa after school and hearing all about their days

  187. My favourite #sofamoments are Sunday afternoons having a nap & watching a film while cuddled up with my husband

  188. takeaway on a sat night with my daughter after a long hard week at work lush! x

  189. Snuggling up with my partner and our dogs on the sofa with a good movie. Love it.

  190. sunday afternoon with the kids movies all day snuggles on the sofa. Cant Beat it.

  191. when the boys are calm, we like to make a bowl of munchies and sit together to watch a movie together, lately though #sofamoments are the husband and boys watching the footie!

  192. Mine is sitting with my little ones eating bagels and jam, watching our favourite movies #SofaMoment

  193. Sharon Burroughs

    Snuggling on the safa with my kids watching disney movies.

  194. Sharon Burroughs

    Snuggling on the sofa with my kids watching disney movies.

  195. Watching The Lion King with my little ones – the first film we sat through fully together! #SofaMoment

  196. My favourite #SofaMoment is some me time with a hot drink, block of chocolate and a good book or movie

  197. #SofaMoment mine is first feeling my daughter kick when I was pregnant on the sofa,now we snuggle and watch our faavourite film Frozen together,

  198. My favourite #SofaMoments are bringing the duvets down and snuggling up with my little girl to watch a family movie on DVD.

  199. My #SoftaMoment is sitting with my Son & our 4 dogs watching the Carry On films (his favourite) it is a squeeze !!!

  200. Eating takeaway pizza and watching classic TV 🙂

  201. alice lightning

    being a 24/7 carer I don’t get much chance to relax but when I do I have the whole sofa, laptop, mug hotchoc ,good tv and all my pets around me bliss

  202. Friday night is movie night. We all sit, chat and watch movies as a family.

  203. My favourite #SofaMoment is always cuddling under a duvet watching a nice film.

  204. Saturday night – watching X factor with the kids whilst munching on a family take away

  205. A good book and a purring cat.

  206. Falling asleep overnight on the sofa and realising my son hadn’t put our family pet gecko lizard back in the tank, i was so relieved i hadn’t squashed her more than anything!

  207. My favourite sofa moment was with my late dog Delboy watching the last world cup, and here’s the video 🙂 X https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_50NiA-eb0

  208. Fave #SofaMoment is when I came home from hospital with my newborn and just fell asleep with her on my chest. Such a relief to be home! And niw shes 3 months old we often have sofa snuggles

  209. snuggling up in furry blankets to watch movies with the kids xx

  210. #SofaMoment snuggling up to my hubby watching tv

  211. best sofa moments with my wee boy snuggling up together watching a movie

  212. My favourite #SofaMoment is sitting on the sofa at Chrisymas with my family playing board games! We have such a laugh!