#WheelieCreative – Iron Man Bike Dilemma

We we’re invited to take part in the George at Asda #WheelieCreative Bike Campaign.
The aim was to dress up our bikes in any way we can to make a themed experience.
We opted for the an 
Avengers style adventure trying to stay on trend with the hype around Iron Man and Captain America, making this comic book style post.

Iron Man and Captain America are not on the best of friendship terms and all Iron Man wants to do is go fight the bad guys on his new bike. Will Captain America let him? Or will he simply just get in the way…

Read the comic to find out.

Iron Man Bike #WheelieCreative

Iron Man Bike #WheelieCreative

Iron Man Bike #WheelieCreative

Moral of the story – Don’t get in the way of a superhero and his new bike.
It will end badly.
What did you think of our story?
Iron Man Bike #WheelieCreativeIron Man Bike #WheelieCreative Iron Man Bike #WheelieCreative Iron Man Bike #WheelieCreative
We had so much fun making this post, Hayden had a blast dressing up and taking the photos too.
He hasn’t yet got the hang of riding his bike just yet but he is getting there – Poor thing get’s so frustrated and would rather walk sometimes. Summer is on its way so there will be plenty of time for him to figure it out.If you follow me on Snap Chat you’ll see how excited I get when he peddles round just a couple of times. I didn’t know that George at Asda had such a great range of kids bikes to choose from.
How easy or hard was it for your little one to ride their bike?
I would love to know.
Disclosure: We were provided with the Iron Man costume,
Avengers bike & Iron Man and Captain America Walkie Talkies for the purpose of this post. 
All views and opinions expressed are honest and entirely my own. 

Until Next Time… Charlotte x
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  1. Haha, fantastic, go Iron Man, loved the story and your little superhero if fabulous 🙂

  2. Loved this post. So creative.xx

  3. I love this, and what better superhero than Iron Man, he is my favourite super hero.

  4. What a fab idea! My nephew loves dressing up.

  5. Sarah Ella (Mumx3x)

    Haha, I loved this! Way to go Iron Man! This is so creative and it looks like Hayden loved making this too! His Iron main suit is awesome! And His bike is so cool! I’m sure he will get the hang of riding it in no time 🙂 GREAT POST! xx

  6. Haha this is absolutely awesome – the story is fantastic and what an epic bike he was fighting to save as well 😉 x

  7. I absolutely love this! The bikes look fantastic! Such a cute post

  8. I would have loved this bike when I was a kid. I love Iron Man, not a huge Captain America fan x

  9. Aww, I love the comic! How fun! The Avengers bike is just so cool!

  10. Awww how cute is that, the bikes looks really great. I saw captain america when it came out whilst I was in korea twice and I loved. What a lovely campaign.

  11. That is amazing! My nephew would seriously love this bike and costume.

  12. What a great idea to make biking more special for kids! I would’ve loved this when I was younger 🙂 Nowadays I have my flowery pink bike with a basket haha

  13. I loved the comic book script – such a creative idea! I remember how frustrated I got as a child trying to learn to ride my bike but I was never off it once I mastered it.

  14. This was so fun! I want that bike, can they do it in adult size please?

  15. This is great! Definitely going to be doing this with my Nephew. Thank you for a great post 😀

  16. Haaa GO IRON MAN, what a great opportunity and I love the Comic Story, what an imagination x

  17. Fab looking bike. My little man had the bikybiky and after just a couple of goes he can now ride his bike with ease.

  18. I loved that. What a great post, wish i could do things like that they are well beyond me.

  19. I love that you put together a little comic that is so cute and looks like a great bike too x

  20. Fantastic!! We saw this film recently, but I think your version might be better 😉 It genuinely made me grin!

  21. George at ASDA do bikes?!? How did I not know about this!! Great post and we love anything to do with dressing up! 😉

  22. Wow, I love the moral of your comic book story. Quite funny.

  23. How cute 🙂 Love the bike! My eldest learnt to ride a bike quickly but my youngest is taking longer

  24. This is so cute and creative and really made me giggle, haha!

  25. I love the whole comic strip effect you have used here! Really good fun. That bike is every little boys dream!

  26. haha i love this! the whole marvel theme here is very fitting. love marvel