The Importance for Your Family’s Health of Regularly Cleaning Your Ventilation System this Summer

Summer seems to be here (on and off, as always), and most families will be planning holidays and outings, games and picnics. There are less fun things, though, that need to be done over the summer, and if you have a ventilation system, cleaning the filters can be vital for the whole family’s health.

Why Is Ventilation Important?

The Guardian, highlighting the dangers of air pollution to children’s health and development, points out that indoor pollution is now starting to be taken as seriously as outdoor pollution. Pollutants commonly found in a home can range from faulty gas ovens to household cleaning chemicals, but also dust mites and mould.

Opening windows can help to ventilate the house, but that’s not always practical. An air-conditioning ventilation system can fight indoor pollution all the time and yet, as the BBC reported in 2013, only 0.5% of homes in the UK have air-con.

Cleaning Your Filters

Essex ventilation system specialist recommends that the filters in your ventilation system should be cleaned on a regular basis. This is partly because blocked filters prevent the system from working efficiently, but it goes further than that.

Dirty filters can be a perfect breeding-ground for mould, pollen, viruses and bacteria. This can make the health problems they’re supposed to tackle even worse, as Asthma UK makes clear in stressing that filters must be cleaned or replaced.


How to Clean Your Filters

The safest way to ensure your filters are working properly is to have them regularly checked by professionals. In any case, the entire system should be serviced once a year, just like your boiler. The ideal time for this is early summer, just before you turn on the system, but if you haven’t had it done yet, later is better than never.

The service will include cleaning or changing the filters, as well as cleaning out the ducts and tuning up the system. The filters, though, require regular cleaning over the summer, at least once a month. If you feel confident about doing this yourself, it should be within the capacity of a good DIYer. Make sure the system is completely switched off before opening it up, and remove each filter to clean it thoroughly.

Protect Your Family’s Health

A ventilation system can offer huge benefits to both your own health and that of your children, but only if it’s kept in good condition. Whether you pay for professionals or take time to do it yourself, it’s a small price for your family’s well-being.


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