The Tunnel - Sabotage

SKY Atlantic The Tunnel – Sabotage

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The Tunnel - Sabotage

Season one of The Tunnel is NOW ON SKY DEMAND SO DOWNLOAD AND BINGE ASAP – It’s not a must as season 2 The Tunnel – Sabotage is not a follow on but it helps you build up your relationships and get a feel of the main characters. I absolutely adore Elise Wassermann (Clémence Poésy) everyone needs a friend like her, she is amazing & my hat goes off to Clémence for playing her part so well. A part of me believes she may actually be like that in real life.

About the show:
Commander Elise Wassermann and DCI Karl Roebuck reunite to investigate the case of a French couple who are abducted from the Eurotunnel. But the case is complicated when a plane crashes into the Channel killing all on board.

The Tunnel - Sabotage

I was so excited when the PR for Sky Atlantic contacted me about watching their new show before it aired on TV. I’d heard of the show but never got round to watching it so naturally I had to IMDB it (as you do) to find out more and realised season one first aired back in 2013. I thought it was only right I watched the first season before my copy of seasons two arrived – Let me just put this out there I couldn’t stop watching season 1, it was like The Good Wife, true Blood, The 4400 & Falling Skies all over again – one episode after the other needless to say less episodes/seasons to binge on but just as bloody effective!

Off the bat I fell in love with DCI Karl Roebuck (Stephen Dillane) character witty, clever and totally lovable – This is the first time Stephen has actually graced my TV screen – No I have seen ‘Game of Thrones’ Yet, I promise it’s on my watch list.
By the middle of season one his actions made me have a slight dislike for him and then by the end of the season I was completely lost as of my feeling for DCI Roebuck.

The Tunnel - Sabotage

I was completely unsure of how I would feel in season two of The Tunnel: Sabotage and in all honestly I didn’t have too must have a clue about what the new season was about all I knew was there was a plane incident and what looked like to be a kidnapping or car jacking in the Eurotunnel. However I knew my two favourite detectives would be back on the case, and back on the case they were. My love hate relationship for Karl was all over the place again (which was ace) as it kept me on my toes and my love for Elise was never lost even up to the last few minutes of the last episode (HAHA You’ll have to wait and see) I actually screamed! Funny enough I screamed twice at my TV during season two! These ‘The Tunnel’ writers, directors and actors are incredible and seriously know how to keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more!!!

Thinking about it now season one was more fulfilling for me then season two. There is a lot less brutal drama this season but I like the story lines of each episode and undercover corruption & terrorism exposure that blatantly goes on in the world today that we get to see first hand via the show. It was great being introduced to Rosa Persaud (Hannah John-Kamen) as I haven’t seen anything she’s previously been in… Slight girl crush! And also the beautiful Emile Fox who has a major role in this season.
You’ll also see the likes of Julie (Fanny Leurent) love, love, love her but I won’t tell you any more as I don’t want to give anything away especially if you haven’t seen The Tunnel season one yet.

I think it’s completely underrated and a MUST SEE.

The Tunnel: Sabotage Airs 9pm on SKY Atlantic 12th April (My Birthday) so you actually don’t have much time to binge before he very first episode – in that case you’ll be all ready and up to date for next weeks episode where you can watch it live and TWEET TOO.
Don’t forget to hashtag #TheTunnel

A massive thank you to SKY Atlantic and Byte London for giving me the privilege of watching this fantastic show and lovely edible goodies too.


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