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MoneySuperMarket – One Week Energy Challenge

I took the one week Energy Challenge hosted by MoneySuperMarket.
What’s that I hear you say?


MoneySuperMarket acts as a helping hand to find us the perfect energy deals saving us money so that we can keep using our beloved items without having to spend too much of our hard-earned cash on our energy bills. So MoneySuperMarket want to bring to life how we take prized possessions including phones, cooking appliances or even the ol’ hairdryer for granted. That said – I have been challenged to sacrifice a chosen item for a week and document my experience.




Day 1: Monday
Morning – I had toast for breakfast as I would usually have warm milk with cereal but couldn’t warm it up using the microwave. Hayden has breakfast as preschool and he’s just like Mummy and loves warm milk too.
Afternoon – Hayden was at preschool and I don’t usually have lunch that I have to warm up unless Hayden is home. So it didn’t get thought about.
Evening – Dinner was cooked fresh from scratch so we didn’t have to  worry about that BUT Hot chocolate is our go to before bed or warm milk so I used the stove to warm up the milk. 

Day 2: Tuesday
Morning – Preschool for Hayden and I had boiled eggs with toast. Took longer to make but not too much of a big deal. I couldn’t let the eggs get cold after they boiled as I couldn’t use the microwave to warm it back up.
Afternoon – Lunch was a BLT without the T which didn’t need the microwave
Evening – Mondays dinner was Spagbol so I warmed it up the old-fashioned way on the stove (my dad would be proud, he hates the microwave and its radiation) Took slightly longer then I wanted it to but it wasn’t a massive deal.

Day 3: Wednesday
Morning – Preschool again for Hayden and I really wanted cereal so warmed the milk up on the stove. It surprising didn’t take that long to warm it up so I was starting to see a positive come out of not using the microwave.
Afternoon – Hayden was at preschool I had the last bit of spagbol which I warmed up on the stove. When I’m pushed for time when working at home it takes away from the quickness of the microwave. Where something would 4/5 mins to warm up on the microwave it takes 20mins on the stove.
Evening – Dinner was made from scratch pasta bake and sausages cooked on the stove and in the oven.

Day 4: Thursday
Morning – Both myself and Hayden had cereal this morning it was only fair that I used a bit of extra time using the stove, Hayden was mega confused that I didn’t use the microwave.
Afternoon – Lunch was made from scratch using the oven.
Evening – Chicken Fajita was for dinner made from scratch (my favourite meal, so easy to cook)

Day 5: Friday
Morning – Like clockwork milk warmed on the stove for myself and the little man
Afternoon – We had the Fajita for lunch and warmed up the chicken in the oven
Evening – Dinner was warmed up from left overs on Wednesday

Day 6 & 7: Saturday & Sunday
We were away celebrating Hayden’s birthday in Blackpool so we wasn’t even home to use any electricity 
Whoop Whoop. I don’t know is this counts as cheating but I’m super proud that we didn’t even get tempted to use it as we wasn’t even home.

Overall our week panned out pretty well – I dreaded it to be honest, but not as much as I would have if I had to give up the TV haha (Maybe I could in the future for kicks).
I always leave things till the last min because I’m still trying to get time management right for us. 
Here’s how I see the challenge for me, I think the microwave is great, an amazing invention – I love using it, its quick, easy and very simple. Not using it for a week was a lot harder on me then I would have hoped and would have liked in terms of time management. On a plus side I loved the feeling of not switching on the microwave not even once during that week, it wasn’t even plugged in.

This then leads me to think did I actually do any saving since all I did was switching from using electricity to using gas on the stove. Good thing I can use MoneySuperMarket website to help me compare costs. It would be great if I had a meter it would have been much easier to tell.

I’m glad I took the challenge as the food actually tasted a lot better warmed up on the stove.


This post is in collaboration with MoneySuperMarket,
but all thoughts are our own.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. Gas tends to be cheaper than electricity so you should have saved – I dread to think what would happen to me if I had to give up an appliance for a week, any appliance!! Stephen