Want It Style Wishlist Look Four– Handbags

I’m back with my ‘Want it Style Wishlist’ Series I’ve decided to post these on a Wednesday not every Wednesday though – like a Want It Style Wishlist Wednesday sort of post –  Pretty sweet yah?!
I’m still focusing on my favourite adult seasonal trends that I want and wish to have. I will be incorporating children’s styles soon too including cross over post from ‘what Hayden Wore’ with our favorite brands, which I’m very excited about.

This week I’m focusing on the handbags
I’ve become a bit of a clothes hoarder – It’s not like I need more thing’s to buy and hang on to for a lifetime but I just can’t seem to control my impulsive characteristics when it comes to shopping lately. You might say I’ve become a bit of a handbag, swimwear & trainer lover and have become slightly obsessed. 

Saying that I’ve had some serious fashion police moments when it comes to clothes and style I once brought 2 Paul’s Boutique bags (I thought I was so cool) – when I was younger obviously, and I gracefully pasted them down to my little niece who was over the moon so maybe I did something right in an odd way.

Over the years I’ve been drawn to so many different styles and here are some of them. As you can see there’s a nice range of colours and styles (I don’t discriminate).

Handbags Want It Wish It

Favorite Handbags

1 | 2 | 3 |4 | 5 | 6

I fallen in love with making style mood boards in the last year. They are easy to make and really help me when choosing outfits that I already have or want to buy as long as I can save the image outfit to my mac. It also makes it simple when pairing up items and matching colours too.
Here’s a mood board I’ve put together with some of my wishlist items from House Of Fraser.


Handbags Basic Black and Grey Style

– Get The Look! –

Oasis Khloe Belted Drape | Swarovski Slake Dot Bracelet | Michael Kors Selma Grey Tote BagAbacus Lisburn Trousers Aldo Joost Open Toe Wedges Episode Blouse With V Neck


Which are your favourite handbag picks from my Want It Style Wishlist series?
How do you usually pair your handbags? I’d love to know.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. That Michael Kors handbag is lush! I’m currently only carrying my Pacopod changing bag but it does at least look like a handbag.

  2. Argh I LOVE bags, could buy them allllll day! The Michael Kors ones are my favourite although I’ve really got my eyes on a Mulberry at the moment. Love the mood board you’ve put together could totally see you in that style!

  3. Oh my, those are solo gorgeous. I adore the Radley bag (3) and I am totally crushing on those open toe wedges H x

  4. I used to be obsessed with Paul’s Boutique bags many years ago!

    My favourite would have to be bag number six that you’ve chosen. A black bag goes with everything.

    Laura x

  5. I love all of them!!!!! And loving the style mood board. What software or app do you use for creating your mood boards?

  6. I love the grey Michael Kors bag, that is the one I would chose if I could. Love the mood board you have put together, the styling is perfect.

  7. I have a Michael Kors bag similar to number 6 and I love it. My husband bought it for me from House Of Fraser last year as a special present. I also love the Fiorelli bags they do in HOF!

  8. I love bag number 6! It’s so adorable! Think I may need it. x