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Although it seems as if we nothing but rush around, most of us in developed countries spend far more time sitting down than is good for our health. As the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety sums up the problem, “Although sitting requires less physical effort than standing or walking it puts a lot of stress on lumbar area. Combined effects of a sedentary lifestyle and a job that requires sitting can lead to many health problems.”


Ergonomic Chairs

The article goes on to recommend using ergonomic chairs, designed to give your body the best possible support and reduce the risk of back and neck problems.

Ergonomic chairs were first designed for workplaces, but if you sit a lot at home, whether working or pursuing hobbies, you can be putting you health at risk as much as any office worker. And, as the Guardian reports, the importance of ergonomic chairs for children at school is gradually being recognised.

As Spine-health points out, there are many different kinds of ergonomic chairs, so how do you pick out the right one? One way is to browse the various types of stylish and affordable ergonomic chair available in the UK at www.back2.co.uk, and you can ask their advice if you’re still unsure.


What Ergonomic Chairs Are Available?

Back2’s range covers well over a hundred different chairs, but here are just a few:

  • The Herman Miller Sayl Chair, from one of the great names in ergonomic chair design, is not just a beautiful design that’s both comfortable and supportive to your back — it’s also very affordable.
  • The Back App Ergonomic Stool is an internationally patented chair from Norway that helps against present or future back pain by using a rotating footboard, and doubles as a training apparatus. This is a truly unique piece of furniture.
  • Kneeling chairs are designed for short periods of use during the day, and the Coccyx Relief Kneeling Chair is carefully tailored to improve your posture and take weight off the base of your spine.
  • The RH Support Saddle Stool RH-4501 is ideal to take the weight off your feet for a while if you spend a lot of time standing to work, and the easy adjustment to back and seat allows you to change position quickly.
  • The Stressless Mayfair Office Chair is the last word in comfort without sacrificing ergonomic efficiency. Its padding moulds around your body, and its stylish design means it looks great anywhere.
  • The HAG H04 4470 Communication Chair is designed to provide comfort through long sessions around a table. Besides the ideally shaped backrest, the tilt function allows you to easily change position.


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