Spring Clean Decluttering

Spring Clean Decluttering in 2016

With spring just around the corner,  I know it doesn’t feel like it yet but yes it’s nearly upon us.
It’s time to get our spring clean decluttering of our homes. Who has time to spring clean? – I’m too busy … I’ve teamed up with Everest Home to provide you with some tips and tricks to help you out on your mission and you could be in with a chance of winning £100 worth of John Lewis Vouchers to help you get your declutter on.

Use steam to help clean your microwave

Place a bowl of water in your microwave and set the timer for two minutes. The resulting steam will help loosen grime and make it easier to wipe off. You can read about this technique in more detail on the Service Force website.

Take advantage of apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is naturally acidic, and can therefore be used to wipe down counters and appliances. You can also place a cup or so of it in your toilet bowl and allow it to set for around 30 minutes to end scrubbing. And this is just scratching the surface of what you can do with apple cider vinegar – it’s extremely versatile and very safe.

Spring Clean Decluttering - Kids Toys

Hose down baby items

If your playpen, high chair or car seat has caked-on food or formula, all you need to do to end it is to take your items outside and rinse them with a garden hose.

Use bread to pick up broken glass

Tiny shards of glass will stick to bread easily, enabling you to avoid missing the smallest fragments. Run the hoover over it just to be sure.

Use citrus fruits as scrubbers

Cut a lemon in half and wipe it across a wooden cutting board to remove germs. Half of a grapefruit sprinkled with salt is also an excellent scrubber for your bathtub or shower, and removes scum almost effortlessly.

Spring Clean DeclutteringEverest Window’s new Bi-fold doors – Ideal for helping free up space

Take advantage of window squeegees

Window squeegees are excellent tools for cleaning shower walls. Just spray cleaner on them and wipe from top to bottom. You can also remove pet hair from carpet by gently raking a squeegee over your floor’s surface.

Remove carpet stains easily with white vinegar

Stubborn carpet stains can be sprayed with white vinegar and allowed to soak for around a minute or so. When time is up, lay a damp cloth over top of the stain, then use a hot iron to gently lift dirt from deep inside carpet fibers. White vinegar is another of those long forgotten, natural household cleaning wonders. It can do everything from removing carpet stains and cleaning electrical equipment, to getting rid of water stains on furniture and unclogging drains, plus much more.

Cleaning baking trays easily

If you have old baking pans that have somehow gotten tarnished, you don’t have to throw them away. Cover them with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and allow to sit for around ten minutes or so. After that time, wash as usual, and your pans will be sparkling like new again.

These eight tips are inexpensive, and can be used even by Mum’s/Dads who are on a tight budget and who have a busy lifestyle.


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  1. when decluttering i put anything unused away and if it doesn’t get used for 6 months i pass it on/give it to charity

  2. Set a day in advance where you know you have as much help from friends & family as you can get & make a plan for what you will be throwing out if it can be taken to a charity. Give everyone a job so no one is standing around wondering what to do. And tackle one room at a time. Oh & drinks & biscuits go bown really well too 🙂

  3. Start with one room at a time – if you haven’t used it in the last year, give to charity or bin!

  4. You should make use of Freecycle groups. You might not want it but if it’s in ok condition someone else probably does! And sometimes even broken things are wanted- for example and broken printer might be wanted for parts, or for someone who likes fixing things. It’s better than putting things in the bin and sending them to landfill and you get to make people happy too.

  5. Don’t do too much at once, a room or couple of cupboards each time, otherwise it becomes too overwhelming. Throw out or give away what you really don’t use or need, be tough x

  6. get someone to help you then they can keep you strong and be firm with you

  7. Keep on top of it – if you havent managed to keep on top of it take time out to do it room by room!

  8. be harsh dont keep things just for the sake of it

  9. start with one room at a time and when done try to keep on top of it

  10. I have three boxes labelled, keep, rubbish, recycle. If I haven’t used it since the day dot then it goes.

  11. Use the KonMari method!

  12. One thing one thing out policy, also unless useful, beautiful or sentimental get rid of it.

  13. Get your partner to help you, be ruthless, if you haven’t used it yet you probably wont

  14. Decide your clutter is going to charity. It’s a good motivator to keep going when you just want to put everything back

  15. go through kids, and your clothes every 6 months or so to see what you can keep and what can be passed on/sold, out old clothes in vacuum bags

  16. be gentle with yourself and don’t do it all in one go

  17. At first face all your hangers the same way. Once it’s been worn turn the hanger the opposite way. In 6 months the hangers that haven’t been turned should go to charity or thrown away as these are the clothes that have not been worn.

  18. Be ruthless if you have not used it for year find it a new home 🙂

  19. At the start of the year, turn all your coat hangers around the wrong way in your wardrobe. As you wear each item of clothing, turn it’s hanger back the right way round. At the end of the year, any clothing on hangers that haven’t been turned back round can go to the charity shop.

  20. Malcolm Butterworth

    Get in the habit of throwing out, take it all to the tip yourself and recycle there, save the Bin men coming to your house, it also makes you think, what is useful to other people and go down to the charity shop, see what you can offer them, it all helps the environment.

  21. Don’t leave anything unfinished make sure you complete the job.

  22. Don’t let clutter happen in the first place! My wife has a strict “Don’t put it down, put it away” policy so nothing ever builds up. Anything new bought has to have a place of replaced something which is then sold/given away/disposed of….

  23. If you haven’t used it in the past 6 months, throw it or give it to charity

  24. Start off with gentle as you go sorting before delving in properly! One room at a time;

  25. be brutal if you don’t use it give it away or recycle it


  27. Doing one room and being bold with the decluttering – do you need it, can it be sold, can it be given to charity. Once you have tackled one room I feel like I’m on a roll. But it does feel good to cleanse yourself of clutter. thanks

  28. I like to do a little bit everyday, so I don’t have to do alot all at once. It helps just to stay on top of things, less stress too 🙂

  29. My top tip is be ruthless! Don’t hang onto something thinking “oh this will come in handy in the future”. It probably won’t. Box it up and take to the charity shop. Plan a room at a time & go through all cupboards. You’ll be surprised how much space you actually save. I threw away all DVD / CD cases recently & kept the discs in wallets – it saved so much space and looks so much neater too 🙂

  30. Use lemon! Put half a lemon in a bowl of water, and place it in the micowave for 30 seconds. Then wipe with a damp cloth. The oils and acids get of dirt really easily – they cut though the grease! also works on cooker tops!

  31. Stop hording and cluttering…if u no longer have use for it give to charity shops, recycle or upcycle!

  32. Stop hording and cluttering…if u no longer have use for it give to charity shops, recycle or upcycle!

  33. Be ruthless, you can always sell anything you think is worth anything and put the money towards a holiday or something!

  34. Dedicate a day a month to de-cluttering a certain room / cupboard / space. This makes it a lot more manageable and leaves you feeling better than being faced with a whole house to de-clutter and it taking a few days!

  35. Little and often. Do not leave things thinking you will have a big sort out…. too much stress

  36. Be ruthless if you haven’t used it or worn it in 6 months throw it out. Once you start keep going and you will find happy once you have finished the area completely rather than going back to it another day. I have a clear out every 6 months and stick by my rules to ensure nothing unnecessary is kept this goes for every item in the house

  37. Do a little bit every day to stay on top of things

  38. Richard Eldred Hawes

    Do not let it get dirty or clutterd in the first place, always keep on top of it, it is easier in the long run

  39. the best tip I have heard is to put all your clothes on the bed – even the coats handing in the passage – and go through them sorting out keep, donate, bin. I am going to try this is March when the bedroom is a bit warmer. Oh no I have just realised March is next week, I will have to start decluttering my wardrobe.

  40. I love to have a de clutter! I used to be terrible for keeping things just for the sake of it, But you are best to think to yourself I am not going to miss something that doesn’t miss me!
    I often sell items worth value or pop some goodies in to a charity shop.
    Things that I do keep I have all organised in proper storage boxes, Organisation is the key for me 🙂

  41. Always have a charity bag on the go so the house doesn’t get too cluttered – feel good knowing I’m doing my bit for charity

  42. my best tip is have a good clear out at least once per month and have one bag for bin one for recycle and one for charity that way you really keep on top of it

  43. Just do one room at a time 🙂

  44. Cleaning with lemons is marvelous. They do the job without nasty chemicals and they smell lovely xx

  45. If you haven’t used or worn an item for a year, bin it or donate it!

  46. put everything in boxes with labels

  47. I am terrible at decluttering or clearing out wardrobes-I get too sentimental about things. So my top tip is to have someone there to help me. Someone who can be a bit ruthless and help me get rid of things, otherwise I end up putting most of it back again, just in case……!

  48. If you haven’t used it in a year you won’t miss it. So chuck it and declutter. Donating to charity is a good idea, as is using your local Freecycle.

  49. One drawer a day. Decide on a date for paperwork – no more than a year. If it’s clothes that you’ve not worn in the last 6 months put in the charity bag.

  50. Be ruthless and don’t hold on to things you haven’t used for ages.

  51. clear out clothes that dont fit. I seem to then lose the weight i need to after, maybe so i can buy more clothes hehe

  52. If you haven’t used it for more than 6 months… chuck it out 🙂

  53. Get lots of help by getting the children involved. I used star charts to encourage mine when they were very young and encouraged them to declutter by finding things that they could give to their younger cousins. As they got older I’d change the wifi password and not give them the new one until they’d done their bit…foolproof!

  54. do it little and often then it does not become a big chore.

  55. Whenever I buy an item of clothing I throw one away or donate that I haven’t worn. Also, making sure you tidy up surfaces daily after yourself makes cleaning easier.

  56. If you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it!

  57. Throw, donate or sell anything that you haven’t used in the last 6 months! Easier said than done but you will feel so much better once it’s done!

  58. Don’t spend too long agonising over what to get rid of. If it hurts, don’t do it, if you won’t miss it, chuck it.
    Thanks for an amazing giveaway 🙂

  59. Pick one thing to throw out/recycle/give to the charity shop every night – if it hasn’t been used in over a year, get rid of it!

  60. Have a regular clean out and de-junk – Take any worthwhile stuff to the charity shop, and the rest to the recycling centre!

  61. Focus on one room at a time and just keep a system going so that you’ve always got one room on the go.

  62. Declutter regularly so it doesn’t become a huge task you find it difficult to tackle

  63. Do a little everyday.

  64. one room at a time,store items in clear storage boxes,throw out any item,unworn/unused for over 3 months

  65. I make a list of all the small jobs, try to do one a day, and then cross them off when done. so satisfying when the list had more crossed out than not!!

  66. Ask an objective friend to help you.

  67. Make sure your kids are not in the way.

  68. try keep on top of it as often as you can and do one room at a time. lots of storage comes in handy x

  69. take all unfitting, unwanted clothes to a charity shop

  70. Move all the clutter out so that you can clean in the corners and then tell yourself, it is too much trouble to put it all back again for another year – chuck it out!

  71. Have someone with you who isn’t emotionally attached to your belongings x

  72. Use a timer to do 10/15/20 minutes at a time, and then make sure you dispose of the bits you’ve put out for charity/bin straight away – don’t be tempted to have another look through them!

  73. I have sooo many toiletries and make up and perfumes, you know how it is! Something new comes out and I’m an advertisers dream! I was fed up with everything cluttering up my dressing table! I would forget what I had or couldn’t find it. So I bought some inexpensive wicker baskets from a homeware store and lined them up in the draws at the bottom of my wardrobe. Now I have one for hair products, one for make up, one for face products etc I know exactly where everything is and it’s all neat and tidy! :0)

  74. If in doubt chuck it out

  75. Once you have put what you are going to donate to Charity in a bag, leave that bag at the back or front door(depending which way you head out) and take it with you the next time you leave. That way it is GONE and no chance of procrastination, well less chance;-)

  76. Take all clothes you dont wear to a charity shop!

  77. Have cupboards and nices boxes for storage around the house and have a place for things

  78. anything you don’t use pack away or give to charity

  79. Try not to move clutter into cupboards etc. as you will only have to de-clutter again.

  80. Jacqueline Mclean

    Don`t keep stuff you don`t need or use, sell or give on. Free up space to live.

  81. If you don’t wear it or use it get rid of it

  82. I got through my son’s toys and clothes 3 or 4 times a year and make a donation to a charity shop.

  83. Get someone else to do it! I’m a pretty bad hoarder and get attached to things. My husband hates clutter so if I haven’t used something in a few months he will chuck it away!

  84. shred out of date documents monthly so they don’t build up

  85. Now these are great tips! I didn’t know half of these. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  86. Plan your clean and make a list of every room and what needs doing in it.

  87. Beverley Cousins

    Don’t plan it…just do it when the mood takes you, if you plan it ,you will only hate it and do half the job, if you just do it you will enjoy it and do the job better!..ps get everybody out of the house lol 😉

  88. Tackle one room at a time so its not too over whelming,recycle or donate as much as you can and get rid of anythung you havent used for a long time

  89. My top tip is to spray taps with WD40 and leave for an hour or overnight to get rid of limescale

  90. stop kidding yourself that you need something when you haven’t used it for so long just for the sake of keeping it, bag it all up even clothes and take to the charity shop.

  91. Get the whole family to join and help, it gets done in half the time.

  92. Be ruthless, if you haven’t used something in over a year, get rid of it

  93. sell or gift good unwanted items, this will make you feel much better about decluttering

  94. Start with one room at a time – and go through things and if tyou havent used them in the last year then sell or bin them

  95. do spring cleaning without the kids around – otherwise it would take ages as they will unpack everything again within a minute 🙂

  96. Do one room at a time really well and eventually all your house will be clutter free and sparkling

  97. if you have not used an item in 6 months give it away to someone that can use it

  98. My top tip is to do the cooking so your partner does the washing up 😉

  99. Finish one job completely before you start another

  100. I like to concentrate on really clearing out and cleaning one room at a time.

  101. I let my husband do the decluttering as he is so much more ruthless than me. I get all sentimental over silly little things. I would be rubbish at it, I know my faults and hand the job over! However, cleaning, is my domain! I have a list of daily, weekly, and monthly jobs and work my way through.

  102. I tackle one room at a time, then sort into piles of storage, rubbishy and charity shop

  103. Be ruthless and clear out everything you don’t need. I’ve heard an average household has about £500 of unwanted items in the house so get selling!
    I always do a bit of cleaning a day so it doesn’t build up and have the children trained well which helps! 😀

  104. One room at a time!

  105. Sort one area at a time to not get over whelmed. Once tidy try to do a bit each day

  106. My top tip is to swap all the coat hangers in your wardrobe around the wrong way. When taking an item out replace it the right way. After a few months it is easy to see what you have used/worn so the rest of your wardrobe of clothes can be stored away/recycled.

  107. I let someone else go through things and throw away items. Usually my daughter does so. She isn’t as sentimental about things that i won’t ever use as I am.

  108. Paige Goodfellow

    My number one tip and what I try and stick to is that if I haven’t used it in a year throw it away or give it away 🙂

  109. Send the family off to local beach for the day when me & mom empty the spare junk room.

  110. I always put a baby wipe, or flash wipe in my hand when going up the stairs it cleans the bannister a treat, saves it being another chore!

  111. Obey this rule: If you haven’t used it for two years and it does not have sentimental value, get rid of it. That includes clothes you have in the wardrobe that are too small for you.

  112. Lynsey Buchanan

    If you have not used the item in 6 – 12 months then its time to throw it away or donate it to a charity shop

  113. if you haven’t used it in 3 months throw it away

  114. Sell your junk – you can make some good money selling things you don’t use and it declutters at the same time.

  115. what you don’t use recycle

  116. once a week I’ll do a big clean/declutter and do mini ones during the rest of the week in order to stay on top of things.

  117. Be organised – I love use storage boxes and cabinets and so on and keep the clutter stored away. I also make sure that if it’s not being used, it has to go – I’m not a fan of keeping things for the sake of it, though my husband is a real hoarder 😀

  118. Alison Macdonald

    Be ruthless!! It’s difficult but if you haven’t used something for a long time, the likelihood is you don’t actually NEED it 😉 You’ll feel so much better once all of the clutter is out of your life x

  119. Don’t let a mess build up but if you do tackle it as a number of smaller jobs

  120. Samantha Atherton

    Make sure everything in your home has a place so that it’s easy to put away & and to find again. It will stop things getting left out all over the place and cluttering up your home.

  121. One room at a time, a couple of hours at a time

  122. Just spentan hour with my son, beginning to declutter his room. Our advice, take your time, be thorough, it gets done.

  123. Victoria Prince

    I think my top tip is to break it right down – not just room by room but even cupboard by cupboard – and set small, achievable goals – like today I will go through the dresser in the living room – of one area a day.

    Little rewards don’t hurt either 🙂 maybe something like a piece of chocolate or a relaxing bath when you’ve carried it out!

  124. Unless there’s a good reason I think if I’ve used something in the last year.If not, it goes straight away. You’d be surprised how many things you keep that you just don’t need. Normally I get a good couple of bags for the charity shop as well as loads in the bin

  125. My tip is declutter often it quickly mounts up

  126. One room at a time with lots of tea

  127. Do a little at a time otherwise it can be overwhelming

  128. I always find its better to get on with the cleaning when there is no one else in the house. Also put some music on it helps.

  129. Laura Pritchard

    Never leave a room without picking something up to throw away, give to charity, or relocate.

  130. caroline bellamy

    if an item is not sentimental or useful do you really need it

  131. Start small and get more ambitious as you go to avoid feeling the job is impossible. Once started begin the “one in, one out” rule – get rid of something everytime you bring something new in.

  132. Be ruthless. It doesn’t help you at old to hold onto things that are making your life a cluttered place.

  133. Tackle one room at a time. Have one box for keeping, one black sack for dustbin, one bag for recycling and one box for charity shop donations.

  134. Get a less sentimentally attached friend or relative to help.

  135. get someone else to do it for you

  136. do a little everyday!

  137. Ebay anything and everything (within reason) you’d be amazed what people will buy, ugly things, broken things, useless things…all sellers!

  138. Involve all family.
    I throw away everything I havent used for a whole year, chances are I will not use it again

  139. Do it bit by bit, one day at a time, one room at a time, in short productive bursts. The house didn’t get cluttered in just one day, so you can’t expect it to completed in one day. Don’t be too hard on yourself too!

  140. If you no longer love it, give it a week on ebay and make money. Bye bye rotating fondue set for a wedding present 13 years ago – you have a loved new home and I have £30.

  141. Start with little steps – for the first week say to yourself that you’ll just spend ten minutes clearing something. By the end of the week you’ll see a difference and be inspired to carry on for longer.

  142. I take everything that no longer has any use to the charity shop.

  143. If you haven’t used it in over a year you don’t need it, try gumtree or local area facebook freebie sites,
    someone will want, those items that are no longer of use to you

  144. Don’t plan to do too much at once – even a drawer at a time can give satisfaction but to try and tackle a whole room is soul destroying!

  145. It sounds obvious but don’t put things down, put them away.
    Since I’ve been doing this it’s madw a huge difference. Instead of putting a letter down on the kitchen side (for example) I either bin it or put it away.

  146. Don’t involve my DH – he is more of a clutterbug than I am :-O

  147. sallyann Johnston

    Make everyone declutter their own rooms best they can and start at the top working downstairs and get some boxes ready for putting in the loft and for charity x

  148. amanda richardson

    Don’t let things get out of hand, do it when you see it needs doing!

  149. Kelly Ellen Hirst

    Instead of throwing away old socks using them for dusting, you can wear them on your hands as you dust

  150. There is no room for sympathy. If you don’t need something, it has to go!

  151. put all your clothes in your wardrobe on hangers facing one way. once youve used them put them back the other way. after a few months all the clothes on hangers facing the first way are clothes you dont wear so take them to the chairty shop

  152. Get all the curtains and windows open before you start, it really motivates you.

  153. Concentrate on one room ata time, that way, you will see the resultsof all your hard labour and will be inspired to to another room rather than feeling overwhelmed with it all.

  154. Be in the mood for it. If you aren’t, then you’re more likely to achieve nothing.

  155. get yourself in the right mood & decide in advance when you’re going to do it

  156. if you havnt used it for ages you dont need donate to charity

  157. Try & make money from unwanted gifts.

  158. Do a little bit every day! It will help in the long run

  159. To declutter my clothes, I turn all the hangers one way round and when I’ve worn something and put it away again I turn the hanger around, after say 6 months or a year i see which clothes haven’t been turned around and they will get sold/given to charity because I obviously don’t wear them!

  160. Rennene Hartland

    Be strong and bin anything not used in the last 3 months 🙂

  161. Every time I put a load of laundry in the machine, I pop the dishcloth in too to keep it clean & germ free x

  162. Stick to the rule that if you havent used it in a year your probably not going to use it the following year, so be rutheless and chuck it out!

  163. I do one shelf , one drawer at a time and work round the room . Otherwise it is too overwhelming.

  164. Take it one room at a time and donate to charity instead of to the bin!

  165. We give away unwanted but saleable clothes to charity. At the moment many charities are running additional campaigns to collect clothes for Syrian refugees, and are collecting clothing for men, women, children and babies.

  166. One room at a time. When going through your things, consider whether this is something that you would take with you if you were moving house tomorrow. If not, send it to the charity shop, bin it or sell it.

  167. My tip for decluttering is – if you havent worn something in the last year, donate it to a clothing bank or charity shop. Chances are you won’t wear it again (unless it’s a fancy dress or something you would only wear occasionally)

  168. In a word: Gumtree. Saves so much on postage and fees compared to eBay

  169. Oksana Fitzgerald

    I try and keep minimum, I never keep stuff just in case. Have some spare money saved and in case you need it you can buy it.

  170. Do it when you are in the right frame of mind, and preferably when the children are not around 🙂 x

  171. Everything that doesnt have a place gets scooped into a pile. We then decide if it has a need that would give it a place to be in the house and if its just clutter it goes to charity. Its a better system than just hiding it under the bed!

  172. De clutter if you haven’t used it in 6 months you properly won’t get rid of it