Keep Motivated and Stay Fit: 5 Tips to help keep you on Track

With January now out of the way and the New Year now in full motion, February is the time when, we can find ourselves slipping back into our old ways. Many people start a fitness program or, want to start to eat healthier in January, but they may stop when they get bored, they don’t enjoy it or the results weren’t quite what they wanted. But knowing how and why to exercise and keep fit isn’t enough you need to develop the right mind set to get and stay motivated.

With that in mind here are 5 ways to help you stay motivated, and keep your fitness program on track.

Set Goals

It can be really helpful to set definitive goals on a calendar at different points throughout the year to help keep you focused in the long term.  It doesn’t have to be anything too difficult rather, set short term goals as these are generally easier to keep and are more realistically obtainable in the long run as well as, keeping you motivated for example a short term goal of walking 15 minutes a day five days a week or, setting smaller increments of weight loss for instance instead of focusing on losing 30 pounds concentrate on losing the first five first. Then you’ll find these goals are much easier to achieve and keep, and you won’t lose sight of your overall end goal. 

Additionally, remember to reward and praise yourself for each small goal you achieve, as you’ll find this type of internal reward can really help you stick and commit to a long term commitment.

Plan Ahead

Often when people are trying really hard to eat healthy not planning is the thing that sets them back. When you have an occasion coming up such as a family meal or friend’s birthday planning a strategy for how to adjust or, how you will deal with the temptation to skip that exercise class or, have that slice of cake, planning what you’re eating and how much exercise you do to accommodate this is essential.

Whether you choose to go wild and eat whatever you want and then go on a long run or bike ride the next day to work it off, or whether you choose a healthy option off the menu and have one glass of wine. Make sure you plan ahead and have an idea of what temptations are going to being offered, that way you can carefully plan and prepare to avoid losing track of your fitness plan.

Keep Motivated

Introduce friends to your regime

It’s highly likely that if you have a friend to go running with or, a friend whose trying to eat healthy, you’re much more likely to keep up the regime. You could organise a work sports team and play once a week or, ask a neighbour out on a morning jog etc.  A friend always helps to motivate you as on days when you’re feeling unmotivated they might be feeling really active and it gives you a companion to talk to when you feel like giving up.

Think fun and variety

Mix it up and keep your exercises fun and engaging, try out a new fitness class or routine every week, bring in an open mind and sense of adventure, as this can help keep you motivated and look ahead to your next workout. Incorporate in different styles of exercise as this will help you to relax and enjoy yourself more as well as, seeing the results in your skill development and health.

Keep Motivated

Introduce Technology and apps

With so many different bits of technology to help us keep fit it’s easier to keep at it. Use technology as much as you can to keep you feeling motivated and interested. With handy little devices like the Fitbit and Strava, the competitive element of keeping fit tends to be what inspires us to keep working out as well as, being able to monitor and keep progress of how well we are doing.

Apps are also very handy for instance, the Superbody is a great nutritional app, where you can add fitness options and personalised nutrition plans as well as, completely track and monitor what you eat, your exercise intensity and levels. They also provide additional professional fitness advice and help to keep you on task and motivated.

By following these 5 motivational tips you’ll be able to keep your fitness program and be fit and healthy for the whole of 2016.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  2. Some great tips. I’m hoping to get fit with my partner so will pay attention to these 🙂