Is competitive gaming the next big thing?

The 21st century has certainly revolutionised many of our entertainment choices. I’ve already stated how Netflix has transformed the way that we watch TV and films, but it looks like even video games have been given a revamp with the arrival of competition gaming.

Competitive gaming, or eSports, looks to be the next big thing in sport as it allows teams of players to battle in a huge variety of games in massive tournaments. But like many sports it has also attracted some seriously large sums of money with many companies offering betting odds and sponsorship deals for the activity’s top tournaments.

competitive gaming

Many of the games that attract the most lucrative betting odds are battle arena games such as League of Legends and Dota 2 where teams of players take on each other in a bid to become world champions.

Already there are dozens of competitions across the world that frequently have prize pools of millions of pounds for the tournament winners. But it’s not just the winnings that can create riches for the gamers as many massive companies such as Red Bull have got involved in eSports with huge sponsorship deals of tournaments and players.

As well as this, even traditional sports betting companies such as Betway offer spectators the chance to try these betting odds on for size for a variety of players and games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive that shows how eSports is becoming much like any other sport.

However, many traditional sports bosses have claimed that competitive gaming is not a sport, but is actually a competition as it doesn’t involve much in the way of physical activity. Despite this, the increasing role that betting odds and big businesses play in eSports has meant that is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing group activities in the world.

competitive gaming

Already LoL pro-gamers such as Alberto ‘Crumbzz’ Rengifo have earned global acclaim thanks to their skills and dedication in progressing up the ranks in the battle arena game. But such dedication comes at a cost due to many players gaming for over fifteen hours per day, and as such, there are numerous examples of eSports gamers suffering from supposed ‘burnout’.

But with an ever-growing legion of gamers looking to prove their worth in this rapidly-growing gaming arena, and with many top TV companies fighting over the rights to cover eSports championships, it looks like you can bet that competitive gaming is here to stay.


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