Dinner parties of the 50’s

The fifties were more than just saddle shoes or poodle skirts. This golden era was packed with dinner parties and adventurous recipes. If you need any kind of evidence, you may just flip through some vintage cookbooks to discover the various crowd pleasing recipes that are still very much appreciated around the world. The vintage recipes are a perfect inspiration if you are thinking of throwing a dinner party themed on the 1950s.

Throwing a 1950s dinner party is exciting, but it is not a small feat. During this decade a normal day usually began by poaching eggs, frying bacon, baking apples, flipping pancakes, pouring milk and brewing coffee. And that was just for breakfast. To get you started, we have shared some of the top tips for throwing such a party.

You can set up a busy and beautiful dinner table of the 50s with some yummy lowbrow foods, and these include stuffed olives, devilled eggs, cheese filled celery stalks, Jelly-O moulds, and broiled grapefruits. You can move on to the main course with some authentic 50s fare such as tuna casserole, chicken divan, or Swedish meatballs. 


While for dessert, you can serve up a slice of chiffon cake or you can pound cake and fruits dipped into chocolate fondue. Make your dinner purely 50s by scouring through some vintage cookbooks to find your preferred recipes. Inspire yourself and experience the real 1950’s atmosphere by visiting the retro style Bingo Extra. On this leading online bingo site, the Diner room is where you could get the feel of the retro foodies while playing your favourite variation of bingo and enjoying the chat games.  

You can even set a tropical mood by setting up a tiki bar and serving cocktails in coconut containers. You may also hang some 1950s posters depicting Hawaiian travel, while the table can be decorated with pineapples, palm fronds, and ukuleles. Find the fitting soundtrack to set in the right mood with songs such as Blue Hawaii by Elvis, Tiny Bubbles by Don Ho, or Lovely Hula Hands by Bill Campbell. 

For the perfect dress up, gents can wear a stylish suit and tie (one that is retro fashionable), while the ladies could wear skirt and blouse or cocktail dress, along with kitten heels. The table can also be dressed for the occasion with bold colours and busy patterns tablecloth. You could also whip up a few recipes cocktails for your 50s dinner and the good news is that they are not complicated to prepare. Some of the recommended sipper for your retro themed party could be simple classics such as Martini. Those having a sweeter taste could try the Manhattan which is made using dash of bitters, blended whiskey and sweet vermouth.


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