Brighten Up Your Home With a Bargain

We all dream of a home makeover but when we look at the situation realistically, this is probably going to be out of reach for many of us thanks to the costs involved (although we can only wish!). However, transforming your home doesn’t have to mean forking out a huge amount of money – sometimes it’s the small changes that can make the most difference. Have you ever thought about changing a key piece of furniture in one of your rooms to see where it takes you? Whether it’s picking out a new sofa that can change the entire look of a room, or picking up a few vintage framed pictures for a bargain price and taking inspiration for them, there are many ways you can brighten up your home with a bargain or two…


The best value choice has to be scouring your local charities shops because they’re such a treasure trove for unique items. Even if it’s just a few choice pieces of homeware such as a vase or a print, this can make a world of difference to a room. In fact, hanging a picture or two on the wall is one of the best things you can do to make a house feel more like a home, especially if you’ve just moved in.

For those larger items, there are still plenty of good value options, one of them being online sales. For example, I mentioned sofas earlier and we all know they can be a huge expense. Your sofa doesn’t have to be flamboyant or unique to reflect your personality or taste – in fact, it’s one of the best items to dress up with throws and cushions if you want to achieve this aim. Take advantage of online discounts such as Argos Discount Codes to buy a good, basic, and comfortable design that you can add to.

Fancy spending a bit more money of a few choice items? Again, it can sometimes pay to go online and hunt down a few designer furniture bargains. You might go to a department store site for your designer clothes bargains and discounts, but don’t forget they also stock homeware and furniture too and if you take a look at their clearance pages or use an online saving such as a Debenhams discount code you can sometimes pick up a gem with as much as 60% off the original price – perfect for small coffee tables, chairs or beautiful homeware items.

So you see, brightening up your home can be easy as well as inexpensive. Oh, and fun too!


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. The state of my house makes me so sad sometimes, but we aren’t allowed to hang pictures because of our rental agreement 🙁 Once we have finished saving for our wedding, our next move is to buy a house, so I will look forward to using your tips to brighten our house up! 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing!!