#SproutMovies with Sky Movies – Mr. Sproutbody and Hayden

This Christmas we have joined forces with Sky Movies. We’re taking part in their #SproutMovies campaign. It’s been such an amazing campaign and we’ve had so much fun.

What is Sky Movies #sproutmovie? I hear you say…
This year, Sky Movies has released a new cinematic force on the world of film making. Russ the Sprout. He’s the dare devil Brussel sprout, desperate to make it big on the silver screen, and Sky Movies want to help achieve his ambitions. Christmas is all about family and friends, and curling up with your favourite films on Sky Movies. But this year, it’s not about just watching, it’s about making the movies you love.
Sky Movies wants everyone to share in the adventures by getting them to make their own interpretations of family favourite films at home…all with the help of the Brussel sprout.

This year’s Sky Movies Christmas advert features the adventures of a young girl trying to dispose her sprouts in some of the most cinematically inventive methods yet. We want you to take your own sprouts and integrate them into your #sproutmovies in the most amusing way possible. Check out the Sky Movies Christmas advert for more fantastic inspiration for how you can use your sprouts.

Here is our #SproutMovies movie.
We absolutely LOVE the Mr.Peabody and Sherman movie so we have recreated the film and called it Mr.Sproutbody and Hayden.

Behind the scenes photos
 #SproutMovies #SproutMovies#SproutMovies#SproutMovies #SproutMovies#SproutMovies

Now we want you to make your spouts the star of the silver sprout screen.
Show off your creative skills and make your own #sproutmovies and enter the competition. Keep your clip shorter than 3 mins and HAVE FUN! We sure did! As you can see we got a bit carried away with ours but obviously you don’t have to go over the top. Contact Sky

Enter the Sky Movies #SproutMovies competition here


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  1. Thats brilliant, what a fun idea, he looks as though he’s enjoying filming with the sprouts! 🙂

  2. This is just brilliant! I want to see sprout movie 😉 x

  3. What a funny idea! I love how professional your behind the scenes shots look!

  4. Ahhh, that advert finally makes sense. Poor brussel sprouts; no one really likes them. You look like you had fun making your short . Very creative!

  5. Ah sprouts the bane of Christmas when I was a child. Though I must admit I do like them now! I do like that advert and it looks like you had fun too!

  6. Haa haa this is brilliant!!!

  7. This made me smile! Anything that makes sprouts cool has got to be good! Kaz x

  8. This is brilliant. What a fab idea. Love it. And really looking like a pro in the photo’s as well 🙂 I actually love sprouts but never as a kid, love how they are trying to make them fun.

  9. Love your sprout movie. You guys could make a big hit in the vegetable film industry I’m sure!