Our Real Christmas Tree – Pines and Needles

Guys, Christmas is literally only around the corner!!
Eeeek – I’m so excited. Hayden is now 3 (going on 16) and understands fully what’s going on, well apart from wanting to open his presents every morning, amazing self-control. Clearly doesn’t take after his mother.

As you can see from the title of this post – We have a real christmas tree this year YIPPI!
We’ve teamed up with Pines and Needles again over this festive period (Halloween was our first venture) – Can you tell we absolutely adore the company?

When I was younger we had a real tree every year. But my mum and dad got tired of the up keep of the tree and opted for an artificial tree that we’ve had since maybe 2004 I think it was. Yep pretty old tree. I can barely remember having a real tree so I was so exited to get our tree. I got a phone call at around 8AMish in the morning of the delivery from two lovely elves (men), who told me that they were on their way to our house and that they’ll be around with in the hour.

When the elf-men came they carried the tree inside for us and set it up for us also. It literally took less than 20 minutes as you can see from the video below. They were so friendly Hayden loved the way they were dressed and so did I … and so did you guys on IG , it made things all that bit more exciting. I could totally feel the Christmas spirit already in the air.
Pines and Needles have a service where you order your tree, have it delivered, set up and even decorated too.

Real Christmas Tree - Pines and Needles Real Christmas Tree - Pines and Needles Real Christmas Tree - Pines and NeedlesReal Christmas Tree - Pines and Needles

When Mr Berice came home he absolutely loved that the tree was all setup and ready to be decorated. We were both really surprised with the needles on the tree as you usually find that Christmas trees have pointy needles which are not children friendly at all BUT these ones from Pines and Needles are super soft because the we have is a Nordman fir.
We’ve had our Pines and Needle tree up for the last couple of weeks now and it’s smells so nice it makes the house smell really Christmassy there has been little to no drop of needles and I thought the watering of the tree would be a problem for me (I’m no good with keep plants alive) but it hasn’t been bad at all it’s still really green and still gives off a lovely aroma.

Real Christmas Tree - Pines and Needles Real Christmas Tree - Pines and Needles Real Christmas Tree - Pines and NeedlesReal Christmas Tree - Pines and Needles

I can honestly say that we will be getting another pine needles tree next year I doubt that will get an artificial tree ever again. I’ve checked on our local council website and they have an option for someone to come and collect your tree after which is perfect as I had no idea what to do with it after. So basically you don’t have to do any work except for decorating the tree and you don’t even have to do that if you don’t want to as there’s a service for it.

Here is our vlog of the day we got our real christmas tree


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. I love real trees so much better than the fake ones. Love your decorations