Christmas Gift Guide For Toddlers 2015

Are you guys ready for my forth instalment of my 2015 Christmas Gift Guide
This guide is for TODDLER Brilliant gifts that I think every toddler needs in their life.

This guide comes in magazine form below and simple blog post form too. If you see anything that you like simply click the name and it will take you straight to their site.


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1 | Trunki Boris The Bus £49.99
I love the Trunki idea. Its small compact and fun for kids – Every traveling child should have one.Designed to be used as hand luggage, kids can pack Trunki with all their favourite belongings whilst parents keep them in tow. It’s made from the same lightweight yet durable plastic as adult suitcases, and they’ve tested it to the extremes to make sure it can take all the wear and tear an excited 3-year-old can throw at it.

2 | BoBo Buddies Toddler Backpack with Rains £19.95
I got similar for Hayden at Bubble a few years back now it was the one that has the blanket in it and he still has it. It’s called George and took a trip with us to Barbados it is the cutie thing to see them running around with it on their back. Ideal with he rains too, can keep your little ones in check.

3 | Bioskin Junior Active Range £35
We worked with Buskin this year and its one of the best products we;ve come across when it comes to dry skin and eczema for the little ones. They have a wide range of products including lotions, Spays, bath milks and also their rescue cream is great for keeping aways from prescribed steroid creams.

4 | Molly Meg Lucky Boy Sunday Fancy Nulle Soft Toy £80
I’ve only recently fallen in love with this rang of soft toy when two of my friends introduced me to the idea of getting one. Lucky Boy Sunday fancy nulle. knitted using the finest baby alpaca. This super soft toy makes the perfect quirky companion to play and snuggle with and come in at a lovely 70cm tall. Each piece is hand knitted in bolivia using 100% baby alpaca and non toxic dyes. the stuffing is 100% synthetic.

5 | Litte Warblers Shopping Trolley Liner £29
I was kindly gifted a shopping trolley liner from a visit to the Christmas Spirit Fair and I absolutely adore it. It’s defiantly something I highly recommend. It will save you having to get the antibacterial wipes out and wiping down the trolley every time you go shopping helping protect your little one from germs and offers a stylish and comfortable mode of transportation when shopping.

6 | Mini Micro 3 in 1 £84.95
Totally just throwing this out there *high five* to Mini Micro and their perfect scooter – Ideal for the morning nursery run! I’m usually late and Hayden and his little legs can never keep up with my super power walking. Put the buggy in the shed and use the scooter instead. Once they get to grips with it, they’ll usually be ahead of you anyways and you’ll be tying to keep up with them. 
Stages of the 3 in 1
Stage One – ages 1-2: A ride on with adjustable seat height.
Stage Two – ages 2-3: By removing the seat the 3in1 becomes a toddler scooter.
Stage Three – ages 3-5: By replacing the o-bar with the chrome T-bar the toddler scooter becomes the iconic Mini Micro.

7 | The Reward Box Pirate Reward Box £35
Show some skin while still staying covered up. This stunning lace dress toes the line between prim and provocative, with deep v-back detailing and contrast colour lining. 

8 | Baby-Luxe Store Swimtrainer £15
I love the idea of this product. I regret not getting something like this for Hayden when he was little and going swimming on a regular basis.

9 | Isla Bikes Rothan Aluminium Balance Bike 2+ £149.99
Every kid should start off with a balance bike. This aluminium balance bike teaches kids two-wheel balance without stabilisers from a very young age. With Islabikes’ size specific parts including mini brake and proper pneumatic tyres on a lightweight aluminium frame, you’ll be surprised what your budding cyclist can take in their stride as they progress towards pedaling.

10 | Canvas and Willow Bean Bags £45
Bean Bags are a must. So much for and super cute too. These bean bags come with a removable cover for ease of cleaning, ideal for role-playing as Canvas and Will have more adorable products that you can mix and match with the bean bags.Measures 62cm x 30cm

11 | Illuminated Canvas £55.95
This Little Prince canvas makes the perfect gift. With the switch on the side of canvas its easy to turn on and off too. This canvas is handmade in the UK using hard graft, love and 100% cotton canvas stretched over a hardwood frame with 20 tiny LED fairy lights popped through the canvas creating a magical 3D effect.  Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included) and no annoying wires.

12 | Vtech Toot Toot Friends Busy Sound Discover Home £44.99
Hours of fun to be had here guys! Amazing interactive house! Includes Miss Nora, moving lift, doghouse and dog. 7 MagicPoints interact with characters showing their friendly personalities, fun phrases, motion, lights and more.


Happy Shopping!


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. Some great suggestions here. My seven year old son is still using his Trunki, and refuses to part with his little Micro scooter, even though he has a bigger one now!

  2. I need to buy a few toddler gifts so this perfect I am loving the Trunki Boris The Bus so cute <3 x

  3. Great gift guide – I absolutely love the look of the Lucky Boy Sunday fancy nulle, that is adorable. Really lovely round up!

  4. I am in LOVE with the Trunki!!!!

  5. Anyone stuck for what to buy should read this. Such a great collection of fab ideas. Lots I have not heard of too. I hope a lot of people get inspiration and ideas here.
    Liska xx
    P.S. I adore that bus from Trunki and the trolley liner is SO practical.

  6. I had never heard of a Balance Bike until my nephew got one, how things have changed since I learnt to ride a bike.

  7. Scooters are so good for children. Both of mine love theirs and use them a lot.

  8. These all look like get gifts – I particularly like the beanbags.

  9. Can totally recommend the micro scooter, my little one had one when he was two and still has it now he is 5 and loves it x

  10. I love the bean bags, my little man could really do with one of these

  11. We have a trunki and a mini micro and they are much loved!

  12. Emma still has her Trunki and she loves it when we travel during the summer in Greece as it is roomy and light. I love the idea of the illuminated canvases, I would quite like one for Emma’s room.xx

  13. What a great selection Charlotte! Especially like the trunki and the bean bags are rather fab too. Thank you for sharing, need to get my Christmas schizzle on 🙂

  14. Great list – I love the Trunki Bus, Pickle would love it too! Kaz x

  15. The trolley liner looks really comfortable, what a fabby idea!