5 Reasons Why I Love Family

Even though we live in a big town, where thousands and thousands of people pass by each other daily, the subject of London dating & love is still a taboo for many people.
Why? Because in big cities is twice harder to find the perfect partner. 

I realised from watching others experience. No matter how many nights you spend in clubs waiting for your prince charming to invite you to dance, or how many months you spend chatting on dating sites like & twitter (yes people slide into the DMs, if the person is yours, the destiny will ‘organise’ a date for the 2 of you. 

Although I respect those people who choose loneliness, there is a range of things they should know about what they are going to miss. I’ve counted 5.
So here they are. 


1. The role of a wife/husband and parent gives you the possibility to discover some of your unknown traits. For instance, I never knew I have so much patience somewhere deep in me before I became a mother

2. Having a wife/husband and a child, you change your priorities. You start judging things in a different way. Your life fills with so much sense you have never expected. Finally, you understand that you are living for these dear little people surrounding you. 

3. Raising a child brings you back to childhood. Yes, besides all sleepless nights, there are a lot of wonderful moments in sharing your best time with your child. To my mind children are the only little people in this big world that can make you forget about all daily problems. No worries, no thoughts about bills and money, just laughter, scooters and Disney Junior. 

4. Holiday’s shared with your family are the best. After you build a family consisting of at least three members (including you), you would change your view regarding ‘those New Years customs’. You will be looking days and nights for the most wonderful Christmas tree. You will try to do your best to find the perfect gifts for everyone. 

5. Only after your child’s birth you will understand the true feelings of your parents. All those calls you found useless now will take another sense. You’ll be ready to do everything that stands in your power just to see your child happy.

By the way, when it was the last time you called your parents?
Why not to do it right now?


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. I love spending time with my family. My son finished school early today so that gives him more time alone with me and his dad before we collect his little sister from nursery. Christmas is my favourite time of year and seeing everyone happy and smiling is the best ever

  2. I love this post! It is just perfect, Christmas is most definitely in my mind all about family. x

  3. I always feel very lucky to have my family around me – and make sure I call my parents regularly. I love to speak to them, and to spend time with them, my kids and my siblings too.

  4. I love this post and whilst I am not a parent, I am an Auntie (9 times over) and I would go to the ends of the earth for them all x

  5. I wish I could ring my mum and dad, but they are both dead. When I need to hear my Mum;s voice I have a recording of a call she left on my answer machine on the day she died unexpectedly. It makes me smile and cry at the same time. Family is everything

  6. I love spending time with my family but it seems to get less and less as the kids get older :0(