2016 Bedroom Inspiration

2016 Bedroom Inspiration

With the New Year nearly upon us, I can’t help but feel that with New Years come new plans, ideas & wishes – One of our wishes is to get our own place or at least get the ball rolling. I feel like I mention this a lot.

A new home can really help with the progress of our life and family – especially when it comes to how I feel about life and improving the relationship with myself. I have so many ideas swirling around that little head of mind. Including an amazing home office, new business ventures and even Berice Baby number two. When getting your own place or moving home, making it your own is one of the things which makes the home so special. One of my favourite rooms in our house now is the bedroom. But I would give anything to have a bigger room with a lot more space & natural light.

Bedroom Inspiration

I recently discovered some amazing bedroom inspiration on Pinterest the other day and couldn’t stop pinning it really got my creative mind going wild. I’ve noticed you can find so much online to help get the creative juices flowing especially for bedroom ideas just have a look below at my top 10 favourite bedroom ideas I managed to find them all in one day from one site. I’ve really mix a match a lot so it all depends on where you live and what kind of space you have to play with.


The Open View

JC House : Modern bedroom by JPS Atelier—Arquitectura, Design e Engenharia
JC House by JPS Atelier—Arquitectura, Design e Engenharia

The Contemporary villas

Engel & Völkers Bodrum : Modern bedroom by Engel & Völkers Bodrum
Engel & Völkers Bodrum by Engel & Völkers Bodrum


The Dark Modern

Modern bedroom by Isabela Canaan Arquitetos e Associados
by Isabela Canaan Arquitetos e Associados


The Out At Sea

Modern bedroom by TAO Architecture Pvt. Ltd.
by TAO Architecture Pvt. Ltd.


The Open Plan

Modern bedroom by lluiscorbellajordi
by lluiscorbellajordi


The Boat Home

Mediterranean style bedroom by raphaeldesign
by raphaeldesign


The Hotel Living

Modern bedroom by Casa MARQUES INTERIORES


The Warm Luxury

Modern bedroom by BC Arquitetos
by BC Arquitetos


The Small Scandi

Clapham Common Flat 2 : Scandinavian style bedroom by Yam Studios

Clapham Common Flat 2 by


The Morden Japan

дизайн интерьера спальни : Minimalist bedroom by INTERIERIUM
дизайн интерьера спальни by INTERIERIUM
I feel so inspired by these beautiful bedrooms.
Do you have a favourite? I absolutely adore them all.
Until next time… Charlotte x
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  1. Some beautiful examples here. I love a dark bedroom that has a modern feel but it’s often difficult to have dark colours unless you have a huge room. I’m inspired to change my decor.

  2. Some beautiful examples here. I love a dark bedroom that has a modern feel but it’s often difficult to have dark colours unless you have a huge room. I’m inspired to change my decor.

  3. The contemporary villa is my favourite I love the gorgeous rustic feel of it and it would be a dream to live in a place like this. A girl can only dream hey?

  4. I do like the boat inspired one, but could quite happily pick any of them!

  5. I would love an amazing ocean view from my bedroom window. Imagine waking up to that every morning!

  6. Oh my I would love most of these as my bedroom, that is one thing I have never had a gorgeous bedroom just as I really want it. Ours is so small I would love a bigger bedroom with more option to do things x

  7. Those rooms look amazing, I would love to have any of them.

  8. My heart literally stopped when you said Berice Baby 2… *panic over* lol.

    I wish I could do an entire bedroom make over, some of these spaces are beautiful. I’d love the scandi look but I have far too much rubbish to be able to do the minimalist look effectively. x

  9. I would be super happy with any of these bedrooms – they are all gorgeous. I like light and airy rooms myself, somewhere that’s a real sanctuary where you can relax and read.

  10. Some lovely bedroom set-ups here. I definitely need to sort mine out in 2016!

  11. I am super inspired too. Need to sort out our bedrooms next year. A lot of decor to be done.

  12. If I could have a bedroom that looked out onto the sea, I would be very very happy x

  13. Lots of great inspiration here, that Out at Sea image is so lovely! x

  14. Exciting plans! Not sure if you mean another blog or another baby but bothe are exciting! 🙂 I would love to have an open view bedroom., especially over looking the sea! x

  15. Oh wow these all look amazing, I love the the Out at Sea one and the last one too. Gorgeous! I really want to redecorate my own bedroom but it will be the last on the list of rooms probably

  16. I am planning on decorating my bedroom next year, going for a pink and grey theme

  17. Ah I love them all! I really need to something different with my bedroom come 2016 x

  18. um, yes, any of these will do thank you very much! I can’t wait to decorate our bedroom next year.