Top Tips: Toddler Proof Your Christmas Tree

It’s Christmas Time…. 
OK maybe not just yet but I know there’s ALOT of us families getting ready for this special time of year. After Halloween this is my favourite Holiday – well apart from actually getting on a plane and flying away … on holiday, you know what I mean. This is one of my favourite seasonal times of the year and I’m lucky enough to be partnering with the amazing Pines and Needles in making Christmas even more magical.
Pines and Needs started as a very small family run business, loading an old horse-box with Christmas trees from their family farm in Scotland and taking the long journey down to London over the years the kilted crew who distribute gorgeous trees grew in size and now with over 20 stores around London and the south of England, they absolutely love to bringing Christmas cheer to thousands of families every festive season. All their trees our sustainably grown, they are members of the British Christmas Tree Growers Association, and they do their utmost to positively contribute to the wider community through their working practices, environmental responsibility, and charitable partnerships.
They also supply all your decoration need and at brilliant prices too. I managed to make myself a beautiful Halloween Door/Wall Wreath, using Pines and Needles decoration. which I couldn’t be more proud of.
Here are a few tips from The Team over at Pines and Needs on how to Toddler proof your Christmas Tree
Choose the right tree 
Nordman Fir and Frazer Fir are both soft to the touch and have excellent needle retention. Avoid Spruce trees as they have thousands of tiny, sharp needles which fall off the tree as it dries..
Consider raising the tree on a table
Depending on your ceiling size a 4ft (1.2m) to 6ft (1.8m) tree would fit comfortably..
Ensure the tree is in a secure stand
The best stands have a large surface area, and grip the tree from at least three angles with a minimum 2 cm diameter bolt. Pot grown trees may need to be re-potted before being decorated..
Use LED lights
They are better for the environment, and far more robust than fairy lights with bulbs. Moreover if one LED bulb breaks the others will continue to work. They can also be used inside and outside, and do not overheat..
Keep glass decorations out of reach
We suggest using fabric or shatter proof baubles anywhere within toddlers’ reach. There are stunning ranges of birds, baubles and festive floristry that can be used to decorate the tree and are hard for toddlers to break. .
Securely fit all decorations to the tree
Use metal decoration hooks and carefully twist them onto the tree branches and decorations so they withstand curious little fingers!.
Create a festive barrier from the tree
This is maybe wishful thinking, but lots of present boxes around the tree could act as a barrier protecting the tree..
Involve the little ones in the decorating
So they understand the purpose of the tree and the delicacy of the decorations..
Genius Idea…
Have a separate mini tree and baubles especially for them to play with! 


Where to find Pines and Needles
Pines and Needles Website
Pines and Needles Facebook

Pines and Needles Twitter


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. These are brilliant tips, as toddlers and Xmas trees can be a troublesome duo. Love Pines and Needles trees x

  2. I wonder if these tips would work for kitten proofing a tree too? I don’t think we will both with Hector being 12 weeks currently, he is jumping into and onto everything x

  3. Nicola Life Through My Eyes

    Great tips. I am so scared for our tree this year haha. I think the little mini tree and decorations is a great idea. I may just give Paige and Parker one. xxx

  4. Oh last year was bad enough with Boo and our tree! And this year she can climb! I am going to follow your tips and hope for the best!

  5. Some good ideas here. My eldest will be two and two months come Christmas and I’m expecting her to be really interested in the tree this year.

  6. Haha Im worried about this this year – my LO will be 15-16 months and into everything, I’m expecting to be picking the christmas tree up off the floor many times!! 🙂

  7. What great ideas. I will definitely be using some of these tips as we have some very curious little ones in our house this year

  8. Great tips – their trees look fab. I am seriously considering a real tree this year for the fist time. Kaz x

  9. What an amazing tree! I was just putting some thought into our decorations earlier today, and decided I’d put toddler friendly unbreakable ones near the bottom and the delicate one’s near the top. I hadn’t considered any of your other great tips, but will have to take them on board! X