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I thought I’d share with you some lovely news.
Rebates Zone have made a list of their Top 50 Mummy Bloggers In The UK – My little old blog ranked #10. When they contacted me to tell me I’ve made the cut I was so thrilled that they’d even thought of me especially with well over 3,900,00 other mummy blogs to choose from.

Here’s an integraph made by Rebates Zone with information about Mummy Bloggers and how our influence & reach is well sourced after. By no means should a number be what defines you as a person or blogger but I’m happy to be included and so happy to be among very awesome women.



Here are the links to each blogger:

Honest Mum | | Sparkles and Stretch Marks | Life as Mum | Slummy Single Mummy |
Going On An Adventure | Red Ted Art | 9 2 Three 30 | Twin Mummy And Daddy | Berice Baby (me) | Mummy Tries |
Mummy’s Little Monkey | Single Mother Ahoy | The Brick Castle | Large Family Life | Baby Budgeting | Susan K Mann |
Mum In A Nutshell | This Day I Love | Mrs Bishop Bakes and Banter | Mummyshire | Serenity You | Tired Mummy Of Two | New Young Mum | Mummy vs Work | French Yummy Mummy | A Rear Facing Family on a Mission | All Baby Advice | 
Kate On Thin Ice | Northern Mum | Rock n Roller Mum | My Pretty Mummy | A Mother Thing | JB Mum Of One  |
Fun Being Mum | Spewing Mummy | Becoming A Stay At Home Mum | Life Love and Dirty Dishes |
Mum in The South | Coco Mama Style | Two Monsters and Me | Be Creative Mummy | Be Creative MummyWife Mum Student Bum |
Mum of Boys | The Mother | Deep In Mummy Matters | Mummy Constant | A Modern Mother | Mummy in the City


If you’re interested in discovering more mummy’s I have my list of my favourite bloggers too.
Berice Baby – Favourite Bloggers


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. Wooooopp!!! Well done my love… I’m chuffed to know I’m under the average age *fist pumps* xx

  2. Well done on reaching number 10 that is amazing x

  3. Well done on ranking number 10 that is absolutely amazing and so well deserved 🙂 x

  4. Wow! Well done and congratulations. What an interesting infographic as well. I had no idea 15% of mums were bloggers. Xx

  5. Congratulations. It’s nice to be recognised, isn’t it?

  6. congrats hun. I am also on the list at #22.
    But unsure about 15% of mums being bloggers. Has I don’t personally know any where I live

  7. Wow! Well done 🙂 A very informative infographic, I didn’t know there were that many mummy bloggers!

  8. Congrats I don’t tend to go on things like this as don’t think should get so focus on things like scores and some are not pointless and you can have the best month on your blog but on a site like this not do so good . mixed bad for me.

  9. Well done for reaching the top 10 you deserve it you have a fantastic blog, who knows next year you might be number one!

  10. Wow! Well done, utterly deserved. Must feel like such a lovely boost and pat on the back! go girl 😀

  11. Great to see so many mummy bloggers. Definitely great to share advice and experiences online xxx

  12. Well done to you!! What an achievement 🙂 Can’t believe that 14% of all UK mums are Mummy Bloggers – that’s loads!

  13. Cool infographic. Congrats on making the top ten, great achievement! 🙂

  14. Congratulations hun – interesting infographic 🙂 Kaz x

  15. Well done. It is always nice to know someone appriciates the effort blogging takes. Congratulations on being in the top 10.

  16. Congrats on making it onto the list! Never knew there were so many mummy bloggers out there.

  17. Well done you – it’s nice to have someone put you on a list like this isn’t it.

  18. Well done on your position in this list, well deserved.

  19. Congratulations! I bet this put a huge smile on your face, and very well deserved too!

  20. They contacted me about being in the top 50 but I was unsure if it was just a way to get lots of links. I’m a bit sceptical after being burned in the past. Great to be recognised though. xx

  21. Congratulations to all of you who made it into the top 50s.

  22. Congratulations Charlotte. That’s great news. I made their beauty bloggers list so we can celebrate together 😀

    Louise x