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Recently I was invited to a family cooking event ‘Mini Roast Cook Off’ hosted by TV star and recipe author Fay Ripley. There were seven other bloggers and we were challenged to create a mini roast for our families anyway we’d like BUT with only the ingredient provided by them. Saying that though, there was so much to choose from. Once I realised (like it had kicked in) it was a cooking competition I went into panic mode … I’m not a chef, I have never cooked a roast dinner in my life – I’m bound to fail. With reassurance from a few others I stopped doubting myself and got on with the show. The event was sponsored by Red Tractor Beef and Lamb, and can I just point out how sexy the meat looked (If you know me, you’ll know I LOVE meat) and how excited I was to get tucked in … Once it was cooked obviously. 
The venue was simply perfect hosted at the beautiful L’atelier des chefs in Oxford Circus.

mini roast cook-offP1190464P1190468

The lovely Fay gave us the low down of the task and what we needed to do and we got to it.
Like I said they had a whole table to choose from nothing was Free From unfortunately but as long as I had my Ingredients, I could then choose the Free From alternative at home & these days there’s always an alternative I can select. Before I got to choosing my seasonings and Ingredients I had to decided if I wanted to cook the beef or the lamb. We don’t cook beef very often in our house so I went with the lamb it looked absolutely divine and I paired it with some potato and sweet potato pieces topped with a vegetable gravy.

mini roast cook-offP1190466

Lamb Seasoning 
– Soya Sauce
– Ginger
– Onions
– Time
– Chives
– Garlic
– Lime
– Salt
mini roast cook-offmini roast cook-offmini roast cook-off
The gorgeous Vicky from Honest Mum including me in her vlog – Watch Honest Mums Vlog Here
I was so surprised at how quickly the food took to prepare and cook.
I genuinely thought making a meal like this would take at least two/three hours and a lot of hard work its defiantly something I will now consider as a meal during the week not just on a Sunday. It literally took I’d say about an hour and a half and by that time it was actually ready.  

mini roast cook-off

After we finished cooking it was the judges turn to get their munch on and see who was going to be the ultimate winner *Drum Roll* The winner was: Mad Mum of 7 apparently she cooks roasts every Sunday so not surprised at all she won … It looked and tasted amazing! Practise makes perfect guys. We were then able so chow down and taste everyone’s lovely meals – I had an absolutely amazing time at this event with amazing people and the food was absolutely perfect. It’s safe to say where I will be buying my special meat from, from now on. The closest stockist to me is Husseys Wapping-Lane in Wapping. I will be paying them a visit especially for Christmas.

mini roast cook-offmini roast cook-offmini roast cook-ofmini roast cook-offmini roast cook-off



Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. It sounds like you had fun, what a great event to attend 🙂

  2. I bloody love meat too! I haven’t eaten Lamb since I fed a lamb last year. It was just too cute! It’s one of my face meats though 🙁 I cook roasts quite often but only chicken! Well done on taking part I would of been so nervous!! X

  3. Oh what a great event! Looks like you had a good time

  4. What an amazing event. I would have totally panicked as my cooking is tubbish. You did reaĺly well though.

  5. Oh wow what an amazing sounding event and that food oh oh if only I could reach through the screen and grab some. x

  6. Wow what an amazing experience and you were smiling all the way through, I would have been so stressed lol. Your meal looked and sounds amazing as well. Well done x

  7. This event loks fab – kind of like a mini masterchef? I think I would be a LITTLE daunted though! You did really well x

  8. It looks like you had an amazing day – the photos look great!

  9. Oh wow. What a fab event and opportunity! The food looks amazing. I love meat, too. I would have panicked though, cooking a roast dinner isn’t easy at the best of times. I’m glad you had a fun xx

  10. Looks and sounds like such a great event, I love Fay. I too have never cooked roast in my life and probably would have been just as scared but glad you did it your way

  11. It looks amazing fun – just my sort of thing. Those roast dinners look fantastic – glad you got to taste.

  12. Wow this looks like a fab day – my kind of thing, I love cooking and well, let’s face it, eating too 😉

  13. What a fantastic event – I loved Cold Feet so would love to have met Fay! I seriously can’t cook tough so would have panicked like mad! Kaz x

  14. Oh what a great event! Looks and sounds like you had a good time x

  15. I love how much it reminded me of Masterchef all the roasts looked fantastic thank you for sharing!

  16. This looks like an amazing event. I would have loved it, just because it was all food based! It looked like you had a great time. Your food looked delicious, I love a good roast on a Sunday!

  17. Oh yum, we always have a midweek dinner, but not a roast. It is usually a pie made from leftovers and all the veg or something like toad in the hole. My boys are really sunday roast fans and love all the veg.

  18. This looks like an amazing event! I’d love to do something similar! You really can’t beat a good roast dinner! Xx

  19. Aaaah that’s such a cool event! I used to love Cold Feet 🙂 x

  20. Looks like a great event, look at all the food…This post has j reminded me to go get breakfast.

  21. I am not a fan of lamb but I love the last photo! I love cold feet too. Can’t wait for it’s come back! x

  22. Oooh it looks like such a fun event! The food looks delicious too! I do love a good roast dinner, I’m looking forward to having more over winter!

    C x

  23. Looks like you had so much fun! I love a Sunday Roast but don’t cook one often enough! Think I may do one this Sunday though as the weather is so awful a roast is definitely needed! x

  24. Aww you look like you had an amazing time :). The meal looks fab (even though I don’t eat lamb) – I’ll have to try and substitute for chicken haha. – Mimi

  25. Looks like you had an amazing experience. The food looks oh so delicious!