The Joys of London Property Prices and That Dream Office

Here’s some Friday knowledge for you about London Property Prices. The average price of a house in England and Wales currently stands at £184,682. I’m thinking 1/2 bedroom, 1 bathroom that might not even have a bath and certainly no driveway or garden. But what about those who prefer the finer things in life? 

The guys at Property Rescue decided to investigate and uncover UK’s most expensive neighbourhoods, and unsurprisingly found that they all lie in and around the capital.

Lets see who ranked in the top three.

  • Kensington – London W8
    £1,735,484 (average property price)
  • Chelsea – London SW3
    £1,324,479 (average property price)
  • Knightsbridge – London SW7
    £1,305,055 (average property price)

Is anyone surprised by these findings?
I sure AM NOT – Ive lived in London my whole life and it blows my mind that I’m still struggling to get on the property ladder. It’s my dream to have a my home by maybe 40 – I really hope I can make it happen (positive thinking). How many of you, when you were younger had your whole life planned out … Meet the man/woman of your dreams, get married, buy a house, have babies and live happier ever after … For the few of you that actually managed to do this (amazing) but for those of us still living in dreamland – Thanks Disney for the false hopes!

While I still live in my dream land thinking about my 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, home office and gym, indoor swimming pool, driveway & massive garden. 
Here’s how I would love my office to look. I have 5 different inspirational style that I have pinned and look at occasionally to keep my spirits high.
When you’re a full-time blogger with a child not in full-time school yet, you need to have everything around you in once space because once that blogging time is up… it’s up! Motherly duties begin once you collect them from nursery/preschool.

Home Office

Light and Peachy by The Glitter Guide | Kate Moss by Made By Girl Blog | Big and Bold by Homey Oh My Blog
Black & White by stylezimo Blog | Home Away From Home by Love Grows Wild Blog

These are my idea’s of a gorgeous home office. 
Do you have a home office or are you like me dreaming of owning your own home where you can finally have a home office?
I’d love to know.


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. I’m lucky enough to be on the property ladder right now. I’m in the middle of planning how I can squeeze some office space into my flat. Trying to find the perfect desk has proved difficult as every time I choose one it goes out of stock / gets discontinued! Lol I hope to have it all set up by January 🙂 xoxo

  2. Oh gosh those home offices have me drooling. One day one day. But yes the London house prices are totally bonkers. Wishing you every success with all of your dreams xx