Kids Clothing Money Saving Tips

If you have two or more kids , you must have already understood the importance of shopping for kids within your budget. Yes, it is a true. With more kids at home, you need to think twice before you go on the shopping venture. Kids always comes up with new demands and as parents, it becomes tough to satisfy all of them. Now, we have some tips which will help you to shop and save money, while shopping for your kids that too within your budget.

Clothes Swap
It may happen that there may be a number of kids in your neighborhood who are of your kids age. So arrange a clothes swap with their mommies. This way you will be able to get a hand on varieties of clothes for your kids. You can give away the clothes that your kids use no more. Thus, you will be able to get space for the new clothes at your home. You can even ask the parents to bring clothes to your home prior to the swap day, so as to check whether they are fit for your kids, as it will help to avoid the unnecessary chaos on the clothes swap day. Everyone should make sure that they bring in properly washed clean clothes for the swap. 

Go For Sale Offers
When it comes to online shopping, you must definitely vouch for the online shopping deals. You will find clearance and sale offers on different websites from time to time. Many of the online retailers comes with seasonal sales, which will help you to grab heavy discounts. Holiday sales that come during festive times are something that you can opt for. 

There are many stores that give away discount up to 50%. So keep an eye over the deals from time to time as you will never know what you will find out there. If you find better deals for jeans and T-shirts that are some size bigger to your kids, go for them as they will be never out of fashion. 

Kids Clothing Money

Go For Consignment Stores
Consignment stores are the best place to buy clothes for your kids. Here clothes that are gently worn are available that too at the best price. The best part of the consignment store is that you will even find clothes from known brands here. As they come at an affordable price, you will be able to stock more clothes for less. 

In case, you have a bundle of clothes that your kids have outgrown, as well as toys and other gears that they no more use, then you can sell them to consignment stores. So once you call you up them, you can fix an appointment with them to take your things. They will go through the stuff and will give you the price according to its worth. You can later collect the money from them.

Try Coupons    
Many of the stores offer voucher codes that can be used by customers. You will also find money deals on the websites such as dealsdaddy. You will get these money deals when you spend a specific amount at the store. Suppose if you spend ₤50, you will get ₤20 or more that can be spent later. Registering to online stores are also good if you have plans to stay connected to them as you will receive promotional offers as well as coupon codes in the mail.    

Go For Off Season Sale
There are certain things that your kids are going to need every year. This means that you are free to shop for them whenever deals are better. Most of the shops conduct clearance sales for the clothes by the end of the season. If you have plans to shop for winter clothes, go shopping during spring as at that time, stores start to sell out clothes for summer. This way you can shop for the next winter that too within your budget. 

So always keep your ears and eyes open and try to keep a track of when the stores conduct clearance sales at the end of the season.  

So next time when you gear up to shop for your little ones makes sure to follow this above mentioned tips and gain profit on the deals. 


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  1. I’m child free myself, but these are great tips that I’ll store in my memory bank for when I do have some of my own and also share with my friends who are parents! Kids grow SO quickly, so saving money on clothes is definitely a big deal for the parents I know.

  2. These are some great tips, Charlotte! I love the idea of clothes swapping – it can help reduce waste, especially as kids grow out of clothes so quickly!

    Erin xxxx

  3. Thank you for your tips. I love your ideas.

  4. Great tips.
    The kids growing up so fast, new clothes are occasionally bought. I love browsing on flea markets or consignment stores, cheap and useful!

  5. It’s always tough to buy kid’s cloths in budget. Because if you have too many kids than it’s makes you in trouble. Because kid’s have tendency to buy whatever they like, they don’t think about price and quality. Once they choose any cloths then they go for it any how. If we want to get rid of this all things. Off season online sell with coupon code is best option for us. Because we can buy it cheap and in our budget.