Get Back Into The Swing Of Winter Style!

As much as we all love your kids, they’re can be a huge drain on our finances not to mention our winter style. The price of a certain toys for your children seems to be engineered to send us spiralling into bankruptcy and it’s always that specific toy that they want. And as for our wardrobe – don’t expect to be populating it with pricey couture any time soon. I know when I’m out I head straight to the kids department walking straight part all things I love… Anyone else like this?

The world of child-raising comes with a cardinal rule – your fashion sense will fly out the window. And all because you simply don’t have the time. You could read Grazia, but you’ve got to pick up the little ones from school. You could check out the fashion show highlights on E!, but your youngest wants to watch CBeebies. And you could go clothes shopping, but you’ve got to prepare your kids packed lunches. 

So you’re going to have to reconfigure your fashion sense in small bursts.
That’s why I’ve made this miniature article to give you a few fashion pointers while the kids are off to school. Take a look and perfect your winter wardrobe – on a budget.

The draw of fur 

Fur used to be the major source of consternation within the fashion community. You remember? There were protests and placards and buckets of red paint flung at any budding fashionista who dared wear these cruelly sourced materials. 

Winter Style - Faux Fur

But through the tumult there was never a denial that fur does look stylish, which is why faux fur coats have grown in popularity in the past few years. 

And in space-age 2015, they’ve become the hottest products on the market. And they’re available from a number of great clothing lines for a song. What’s more, you’ll be able to strut down the street without being chased by PETA. 

A cuff’s the stuff

Cuffs, those big furry balls you can tuck your hands into, have returned in a big way, keying into the Gatsby market for 1920s flapper dresses and, as mentioned above, faux fur. 

They’ve been spotted on the catwalks and the red carpets, but you can pick one up in plenty of fashion stores. 

In with the normcore

Normcore is a term that’s been in the fashion lexicography for a few years, but it’s only just gaining traction. Essentially it means pushing against the grain of decadence and looking for an outfit that looks, well, normal.

Winter Style - Normcore

Dressing down is the name of the game, but dressing down with coordination. To enjoy the perfect outfit you’ll have to coordinate your casualness, striking the perfect balance between drab colours and splashes of sartorial elegance. 

How fantastic does that sound?
You can look scruffier than Jeremy Corbyn and still have a fashion sense to call your own!


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. Where is No 3 from I absolutely love it?!

  2. Lovely post! I do love a bit of faux fur, it definitely is a snug winter must have! x

  3. Those costs look lovely. I’ve quite fancied one myself but unsure if they would suit me. May have to actually go and have a look

  4. Number five and six are my favourites I love the burgundy one because it is my favourite colour and it has a shaggy texture which I am interested in. At the same time the black one is chic and will go with everything.

  5. I know what you mean about not watching fashion programs anymore. My TV is always on a child like station. I hardly hq time to watch E, lol.

  6. Really good tips! I love all the fur jackets you have chosen. x

  7. If I thought I could pull off wearing Faux Fur, I would be right in there with a full length version, I saw someone on the tube today wearing a stunning fur coat and I was totally jealous x

  8. I have a faux fur coat in the wardrobe at my parents that I always mean to use in winter..never happens

  9. i like the idea of normcore although i had never heard of it before now! And yes, kids are very expensive. 🙁

  10. What a lovely collection of coats. All have original style.

  11. I hadn’t heard of the term “normcore” before now but that’s basically the look I strive for these days!!

  12. I have to admit there is a something so wonderful about getting to wrap up in winter. I am loving those coat ideas – so cosy. x

  13. These looks cosy, I am not sure I could pull the faux fur looks – but it sure does look warm!

  14. Great round up of some gorgeous coats. I love a really snuggly one in winter. Kaz x

  15. Fab post! I was looking at some faux fur coats last night, and I’m very tempted to go back and get one