Cute and Quirky Ways to Style a Kids Scarf

By now you’ve clocked the title of this piece and we’ll start by saying this: scarves – in a thin, slinky sense – aren’t for toddlers. If you’ve got a child under three, you’ll know only too well that adding anything to their outfit that can easily and quickly be pulled off spells frustration. What that means is it’ll have disappeared from around their neck/on their head within minutes. It’s pretty difficult to Style a Kids Scarf on a little one sometimes.

But if your kids are a bit older – and perhaps more stylish than a pre-school child – scarves make a great accessory for parties or other occasions which require them to dress smartly.


So, as we touched on before, we’re not talking huge knitted winter scarves.
No, what we mean when we say scarves is this kind of thing. It’s surprising how a little detail like a small scarf like that cute and colourful one from Little Bou can liven up even the most casual of outfits. And when they’re tramping around getting involved in all sorts of autumn activities at the back-end of the year, it might even give a bit of added warmth. With that in mind, here are three fun ways you can style a scarf – big or small…

Try a Neckerchief 
Not quite convinced a long, thin scarf will float the boat of your little one? Neckerchiefs offer a different option, and as they’re generally made from a little less fabric, they’re cheaper too. They also come in all kinds of designs – and look just as great when paired with a pair of cargo pants, as they do with jeans and a jumper. The key here is to not choose too many clashing patterns. If your little prince or princess is itching to wear those army-style trousers, go for a plain and simple neckerchief. Alternatively, choose something that makes more of a statement if the rest of his or her outfit is plain and simple.

Add a Blazer
Stylish boys’ clothing doesn’t get any better than this. And if you’re looking to go all-out for a family photoshoot or other special occasion, a blazer, shirt and scarf combo can make sure your little dude is the epitome of cool. Alternatively, if your little girl wants to get on board with the trend for scarves, a long flowing sparkly number can look great when paired with leggings, t-shirt and cool Converse. Instead, try it with a pretty floral dress and cardigan ensemble, or a pair of comfy jeans or dungarees. 

Go ‘Matchy Matchy’ 
While clashing prints and colours can – when done well, at least – look great, few things are cuter than a ‘matchy matchy’ outfit. It’s oh so tempting to dress siblings of the same-sex the same, and you can get round that by simply picking the same clothes, but in different colours for each. When we talk about matching your little one’s clothes, we merely mean choosing a scarf the same colour as his trousers or shoes. You’ll be surprised how ‘put together’ this can look, yet it really doesn’t have to cost much. For example, an old pair of black jeans can be teamed with a simple white t-shirt and a black and white scarf. The best bit? Scarves can be styled and draped in a variety of ways; try winding one loosely around the neck in layers, or let it hang low with just one loop around the head. 




Bow | Big Bobble | Knitted Infinity | Rainbow | The Blake
Cozy Cowl |Burton Bear

Do you have any similarly cool ideas for boys’ and girls’ outfit for autumn and winter? 

Perhaps your little one is a something of a scarf collector?
Let us know…


Until Next Time… Charlotte x


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  1. I love these styles and I know my girls would be happy to use them too but my biggest problem is that they lose everything and I find it so frustrating. This makes me give up and keep to what I know they will remember to bring home!\
    I must try harder.

  2. Really love these scarves, I need to get some more for the kids they don’t tend to wear them much but I am always wearing a scarf x

  3. Oh they are so cute, I have to admit I do have a thing for scarves and I’d definitely wear a few of those 😉 x

  4. I have a funny fear of scarfs and kids. I worry that they will choke, so have always avoided them. The boys are now nine and ten and I am only just allowing them scarfs!

  5. So many cute ideas, I do like the idea of the neckerchief and a blazer, though probably not together.

  6. Neckerchiefs are the big thing lately aren’t they? I’ve seen some lovely styles.

  7. I want that beat hat – it is so cute!!

  8. Beautiful pictures and ideas, we do love scarves here and we will try some of those ourselves this winter!xx

  9. Really cute ideas and love those scarves – sadly my boys mostly use theirs for lassooing stuff and dragging through muddy puddles!

  10. I really like the idea of neckerchiefs, so much easier to wear. I find scarves still tend to come off at 8.

  11. These are beautiful and they all look so stylish, I don’t know why I don’t really get scarves for my little ones…maybe this winter will be the start?!

  12. Some lovely tips Charlotte! Isabelle is obsessed with scarfs, will show her your post to get some more inspiration 😉 x