5 Uses for Costumes after Halloween

With Halloween now behind us you may be wondering what to do with those old pumpkin and princess costumes! Don’t automatically bin them or put them in the attic just yet – there may be a number of ways that they could come in handy as the rest of the holiday season approaches. From theme parties to winter festivals, there are several occasions coming up to play dress-up for you and your family. Wondering what to do with your old costumes? Here are five ideas to help you give them a new lease on life! 


Host a trading party with friends. 

Do you know other mums in the same boat? The first option is to get together to arrange a costume swap. You can sort out your costumes early for next year, or get some great outfits for school events and theme parties coming up. Host a small swap at your home or make it a bigger event by hosting it at a community centre or local café. 

Save for other seasonal events. 

If you’ve attended any children’s birthday parties lately, you already know that they seem to be getting more elaborate than ever! Theme parties are big at the moment, so chances are that you could save your family’s costumes for future events like this. In addition, with the holidays coming up, you can expect a range of festivities throughout the winter that might require fancy dress. At the very least, you’ll probably be able to recycle accessories in the near future, so hang on to those costumes!


Use for craft projects. 

Whether they’re decorated with foam, feathers, or sequins, costumes come in a range of fun colours and fabrics that can be repurposed down the road. Break them into pieces for crafting. For example, if you purchased family Lord of the Rings costumes at Funidelia this year you could break them down and use the silky cape fabrics for throw pillows, belt buckles to fashion new jewellery, or even wall hangings with a bit of creativity. And of course, Halloween costumes can be saved and stuffed to create spooky figures to dress up the house next year. 

Save for the dress-up box.  

Kids love to play, no matter what the time of year. One of the most obvious ways to breathe new life into your funny fancy dress is to save it for the dress-up box. Any colourful fabrics, hats, and accessories can be used imaginatively by children in their own games, inspiring creativity while providing the perfect rainy-day activity. 
Sell or donate to charity. 

If you have a small space or are parent to an only child who is unlikely to be able to reuse the costume, another option is to sell or donate it to charity. Contact local shelters and children’s hospitals to see if they’re collecting dress-up costumes, or sell them online. If you do decide to sell, you will fetch a far better price if you can hang on to the costume until next year when there’s a renewed demand for costumes. Charities may be keener to accept your donations at that time as well. 

There’s no shortage of ways to get continued use out of child and baby costumes even after Halloween has passed, so don’t be afraid to get creative!



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  1. We certainly use ours year round. Our pumpking costume used to be a regular and part of his vampire costume is being used for a Harry Potter outfit on Friday.

  2. Good ideas! Luckily we didn’t get any costumes this year, as Tyler is just not into dressing up (thank god – haha!) but I’m sure once he starts school, there’ll be loads of costumes! x

  3. A trading party is such a great idea, never would have thought about that. All of our outfits get put away in a dressing up box. The kids love to dress up all year round in anything.

  4. Very handy. I’m left with a green tshirt and dungarees jumpsuit from halloween. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do with it just yet.

  5. Great post this will certainly come in handy as Blake gets older and enjoys dressing up more

  6. Great ideas! I went as Mary Poppins for Halloween but everything I bought for it (umbrella and hat and all) is reusable!

  7. We don’t really do fancy dress, but any that N has gets either given to friends, or donated to the nursery

  8. such fab ideas! I really enjoyed reading this and totally agree with recycling and using costumes for more than one ocassion. We had a pirate outfit and my daughter was once a pirate at school, at a party and then for halloween too!